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Program Outcomes

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• Improvement on standardized test scores
• 100% Graduation rate from high school
• 90% College admission rate
• 86% seek admission at Kean University
• Exposure to social and cultural activities in the program
• Exposure to professional Hispanic role models
• Ninety-two percent of the original cohort of 83 students who started in 1988 graduated from high school.
• Of the Adelante graduates, approximately 80% have completed their BA degree, many are attending graduate school, and many are already certified teachers, counselors, engineers, computer scientists and other professional areas.

Since Project Adelante’s inception, over 100 students who served as tutors have graduated from high school. Of these, 80% attended college, 30% were in education majors, 60% in Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) and 10% in business, liberal arts and other fields. Project Adelante serves as a pipeline for its students to seek admission to Kean University.

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