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Staff Development

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• The instructional staff consists of teachers from the home districts, counselors, Tutors/Teacher Assistants, Kean University scholars and Kean University faculty.
• Teacher Assistants (TAs) are selected high school college ready juniors and seniors in the program . Tutors are Adelante graduates who are Kean students. The Adelante graduate component includes students from the whole Kean student population to serve as tutors and mentors.
The orientation and training provided for the tutors and TAs may include:
• Participation in all Staff sessions.
• Continuous follow-up through journals, meetings and observations.
• Leadership skills.
• Acting Dean: Dr. Anthony Pittman
• Director: Jose Caceres
• Adelante Alumni
• Kean University students

Staff sessions are based on staff needs. The Information/training sessions may be conducted by the Program Director or College of Education faculty, which may include:

• Addressing the mathematics, science, and language arts curriculum standards for Hispanic students.

• Integrating the content areas.;

• Developing and enhancing language skills for Hispanic students.

• Planning for hands-on, problem solving teaching/learning experiences.;

• Cooperative learning strategies.

• First and second language acquisition.

• Methodologies for the use of two languages and transitioning instruction from the first to the second language.

• Incorporating students’ cultures in the curriculum

• Integrating technology and other information tools in the curriculum.

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