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Calendar and Deadlines

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Important dates and deadlines to keep in mind when applying to Kean:

Regular Undergraduate Admissions
May 1 – Recommended deposit/enrollment response date
May 31 – Application deadline for fall semester admission
July 15 – Deadline to submit final high school transcripts
December 1 – Application deadline for spring semester admission

NJCSTM Admissions
March 1 – Application deadline (fall semester admission only)
December 1 – Deadline for B.S./M.D. program (fall semester admission only)

EOF Admissions
May 1 – Application deadline (fall semester admission only)
International Student Admissions
July 15 - Application deadline

Financial Aid
January: FASFA form available at
March 1: Kean Foundation scholarship deadline
April 17: Financial Aid preferred date for filing FAFSA

Residence Life
May 1: Housing application and fee deadline for guaranteed housing

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