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To make it easier in this high tech world, the Kean University Bookstore offers students the ability to buy textbooks, study guides, and materials online, before the beginning of the semester. Here are a few helpful steps to navigating through the Bookstore website.

Instructions for Viewing Books:

  1. Go to, click on Keanwise (bottom right of page)
  2. Click "Log in" (enter your personal sign in information)
  3. Click on the “Students” tab on the right hand side of the screen
  4. On the right hand side of screen under “Academic Profile” go to “My Class Schedule”
  5. In the dropdown menu go to Fall 2014 Term
  6. When the schedule appears, click on “View Books”


Looking for textbooks, novels, or study guides required by professors? Of course they have it! How about t-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants? They have those, too. What about a license plate holder, a folder adorned with the Kean logo, or even a pocket calendar? The Kean University Bookstore, located conveniently in the University Center atrium, is your one stop super shop for all things Kean.

Of course, the Bookstore offers more than just textbooks, novels, and study guides. The Kean Bookstore is your only stop for logo-adorned paraphernalia. Aside from Kean products, the Bookstore also offers miscellaneous products, such as gum, makeup, calculators, batteries, and posters of all shapes and size. In addition to all the items above the Bookstore is now selling postal stamps. You can buy them individually at 42 cents each. Around the holidays and graduation, there are small gift items which can be purchased as well.

You can visit the online bookstore here.

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