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Donovan, Craig Ph.D.

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Public Administration

Donovan, Craig Ph.D.

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For the past twenty-three years, Dr. Donovan has served as a college professor as well as an advisor for non-profits and state and county government. He has also been a non-profit board member and advisor; a business owner and corporate consultant; and a lobbyist.

Dr. Donovan has been active with the Public Policy Center of New Jersey, New Jersey and Northern New Jersey Chapters of the American Society for Public Administration, and currently serves as a Co-Editor for the New Jersey Reporter magazine. His sixth book, Successful Internships, is under development.

Degree Information: Ph.D., Public Affairs & Business, University of Washington, Seattle; M.A., San Francisco State University, Calif.; B.A. Social Ecology, B.A. Psychology, University of California at Irvine.

Courses Taught: Managing Information Systems, Management Challenges, Grant Writing, Budgeting. 

Primary Area of Expertise:  Management of business, government and non-profit organizations. 

Advice for Students Preparing for Your Class: "Find my syllabi online on my web page, read and review it along with the first chapters of your texts. Be prepared to think. All exams, papers, presentations etc. are based on your ability to show your understanding and application of the materials."







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