Faculty Name

Li, J. Jenny Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Computer Science

Li, J. Jenny Ph.D.

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Dr. J. Jenny Li is an experienced industrial and academic researcher with more than 70 papers published in technical journals and conferences, and holder of more than 20 patents with five additional pending applications.

Degree Information:

Ph.D, Software Engineering, University of Waterloo Canada

Courses Taught:

CPS2231: Computer Organization and Programming

Tech2920: Computer Systems

CPS4801/6801: Artificial Intelligence

Primary area of expertise:

My specialties are in software engineering, systems and networks, with particular emphasis on reliability, security, performance and testing.

Advice for students preparing for your class:

CPS2231: Review content of CPS1231 before beginning the course.

TECH2920: System views -- combination/assembly/composition of components to achieve optimum outcomes.

CPS4801/6801: Make your computer think!

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