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Lorentzen, Laura Mackey Ph.D.

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Lorentzen, Laura Mackey Ph.D.

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Dr. Lorentzen has been involved with the sciences at Kean University for many years, most recently having joined the biology program. Her own education and training was all out-of-state, Ph.D. Biomedicine from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and M.S. in Cell/Molecular Biology from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) with a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry minor from the University of Charleston (WV). Her work interests now focus on various aspects of science education.

Degree Information:

Ph.D. Biomedicine, Baylor College of Medicine 

M.S. Molecular/Cellular Biology, Duquesne University

Courses Taught:

General Biology I & II

Biology Senior Seminar

Primary area of expertise:

Science curriculum development, evolution and biomedicine, with a focus on physiology

Advice for students preparing for your class:

I teach the first and last courses in the biology major—General Biology I/II and Bio Senior Seminar. My course syllabi are your roadmap for the semester. Work hard, study hard and ask questions. Biology has so much to offer persons who wish to pursue any of the sciences!

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