Faculty Name

Palgi, Josh Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Physical Education Rec-Health

Palgi, Josh Ph.D.

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Dr. Palgi graduated from the WINGATE INSTITUTE in Isreal, and has a BA and MA from Adelphi University, and ED from Columbia university in NY. Palgi has 15 years in cardiac rehabilitation field, and 30 years at KEAN university, with 15 years as the coordinator of the Teaching Certification option and has loved every minute of it.

Degree Information:


Courses Taught:

Physiology of exercise

Advanced physiology of exercise


Health promotion

Introduction to Motor Learning

Assessment in Health and PE


Primary area of expertise:

The effect of health issues (high blood pressure, exercise, high lipids level, stress etc) on the physiology of the human body

Advice for students preparing for your class: 

It is about work. Set up your goals. Enjoy

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