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The bachelor’s degree program prepares its graduates for entrance into a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology (such as the M.A. program at Kean University) or a doctoral program in audiology.

Speech-language pathologists evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals with speech, language, communication, hearing and swallowing problems. They work with individuals of all ages who have difficulty in communicating and pathologists find employment in a myriad of settings, including public, private or special schools, hospitals, the private industry, rehabilitation centers, universities, medical offices and in private practices.

It is certainly true now that there is a shortage of certified speech-language pathologists, a trend predicted to be the case in the forseeable future. This field combines science and art and requires that one has patience, a sincere interest in helping people, an above-average intellectual aptitude and the sensitivity, personal warmth, creativity and perspective to interact with the person who has a communication problem. It is a varied and challenging career path.

Audiologists evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals with hearing problems. Many are involved with hearing aids, counseling and cochlear implant technology. With expertise in using sophisticated instrumentation, audiologists can dramatically help individuals of all ages whose hearing is compromised for a wide variety of reasons. This challenging and technical field has, as its entry level credential, a doctoral degree (the Aud.D.).

The prescribed course of study in the undergraduate Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences program can also provide a solid foundation for related professions, such as teaching in special education, deaf education, elementary or secondary education. In addition, the bachelor’s program also sets the stage for graduate work in psychology, social work and some health oriented careers.

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