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Kean University’s School for Global Education & Innovation is unique in offering pioneering approaches to global education and contemporary learning technologies.

Through its academic programs, the school allows students to study at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of global education, learning technologies, and world languages. The School’s Professional Services division works with P-12 teachers and education leaders at both the state and national levels in formulating innovative initiatives, ranging from professional development to work in the areas of advocacy and policy development.

Among the unique features for students in the School are first-hand experiences with mobile devices (such as the iPad) as learning devices, internships in international school settings, and direct interactions with classroom students and teachers from across the world, utilizing emergent media and social networking tools.  Through these and other activities, students are provided unparalleled opportunities to explore the intersection between global education and learning technologies, complemented by a rich and rigorous curriculum.

Faculty and staff within the School for Global Education & Innovation are recognized state, national and international leaders in their respective fields of expertise. On a regular basis, they publish in academic journals and books; present at national and international conferences; serve as leaders in key professional associations; and, work with state and national leaders to shape education policy at all levels.

Several of the programs within the School are highly selective, offering students an exceptional opportunity to work with peers from across the world in becoming uniquely qualified global educators.  To learn more, visit our website.

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