Faculty Name

Vassiliou, Evros Ph.D.

Faculty Department

Environmental and Life sciences

Vassiliou, Evros Ph.D.

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Research in Dr. Vassiliou’s laboratory focuses on the effects of unsaturated fatty acids on inflammation and the immune system. The current focus is to understand how unsaturated fatty acids affect leukocytes cells and the characteristics of the immune response elicited in the presence of unsaturated fatty acids. More specifically, the cytokine profile upon stimulation, surface markers, T-cell proliferation and viability are being studied. A number of techniques are being utilized in these investigations such as flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, ELISA, qPCR, T cell proliferation and viability assays.

Department/Division:  Environmental and Life Science

Degree Information: Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Basic Tissue Culture, Immunology, and Virology

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