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The Department of Public Safety/Police is happy to announce the implementation of the ELERTS See Say™ mobile application for the Kean University community.  This application will allow us to enhance our ability to interface with the campus community, and provide for a broad range of services staffing levels would not otherwise allow for through the "virtual escort" function.  All members of the Kean community are invited to utilize these new services after fully reading and understanding the information provided on this page.  ELERTS is intended for the use of Kean University Faculty, Staff & Students only.  Campus guests may request a Safety Escort by calling the Police Desk at (908)737-4800 (see related link for more information).


ELERTS See Say™ is a mobile application designed to provide a fast, easy way to report security concerns via iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.  The app provides the ability to call the University Police at 908-737-4800 with the touch of a button, or to report a non-emergency concern by text (with or without an attached photograph).  ELERTS also provides members of the Kean University community with the ability to activate a GPS-based "Virtual Escort" service through the "EscortMe" function within the application over either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.  A Virtual Escort will be monitored in real time by the Department of Public Safety/Police 24-hour Communications Center, which will dispatch the University Police in the event a distress signal is activated.

The Communications Center will have the ability to send and receive text based messages through the ELERTS app in the event follow up is needed on a report or escort, or the Department has specific or public information they wish to share with the registered users of this app.  Messages sent through the app are delivered by "push", and may result in a pop up message, audible alert, "tray" icon, etc. and/or data charges depending on your specific model of smartphone, device settings, and service plan.

ELERTS Registration Instructions

1. Download the app to your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone/tablet by following associated links on this page.

2. Agree to the Terms of Use.

3. Provide your first and last name, email address and your cell phone number.  NOTE: Registration with an email address is required.  Registrations which do not include a email address will be deleted/purged from the system within 24 hours, and none of the features of the app will function until the registration is properly completed with a valid Kean University email address.

4. Browse the organization list and select Kean University, then click the "Done" button until you reach the ELERTS launch screen.

5. The app is now ready to use.

ELERTS Rules for Kean University

1. True emergency situations should always be reported by phone to our Communications Center at x74800 (908-737-4800 from off campus or cellular phones) or via 9-1-1 whenever possible.  NOTE: The specific location of an issue or incident should be included in the narrative for all text based reports.  GPS locations may not always be accurate or specific, and are dependent upon numerous factors controlled by cellular carriers including but not limited to signal strength and network capabilities.

2. In emergency situations on campus, the first priority of the University Police is to broadcast information through the CampusAlert™ system.  Time permitting, emergency broadcast messages will be duplicated through both social media accounts and the ELERTS SeeSay™ app.  Registration for CampusAlert is therefore strongly urged by anyone who intends to download and utilize this app.

3. The Communications Center may follow up on a text based report by sending one or more response messages and/or calling the listed phone number if more information is needed.

4. Improper use of the Virtual Escort function, or messages deemed to be abusive by the Department of Public Safety/Police, may result in the deletion of an ELERTS registration and/or a referral to the Office of Student Conduct / Human Resources for administrative sanctions.

5. False reports through this service may result in the filing of criminal charges, referral to the Office of Student Conduct, or both.

6. While the Department of Public Safety/Police will make every effort to respond to text reports received through this system, response times may vary due to high call volume or operational conditions.  If there is any level of urgency to what is being reported, all users of the app are urged to call the Communications Center directly at x74800 or utilize 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

7. The University Police will not respond to reports off campus property, including Virtual Escort duress signals.  Use of ELERTS SeeSay™ for Kean University is intended for students, faculty and staff members while on campus only.  When off campus, please seek out the responsible law enforcement or first responder agency accordingly. 

8. The University Police will make every effort to locate a person who has activated a Virtual Escort duress signal provided the GPS information provided by the sending mobile device is specific enough to do so.  The Communications Center will attempt to call the listed mobile number if officers are having difficulty locating the source of a duress signal and/or to confirm that there is an emergency.

9. In the event a Virtual Escort duress signal is sent by accident, you are responsible to call the Communications Center as soon as possible to report this.  You may be asked to remain on the line and/or meet with a police officer to ensure your safety.  Failure to comply with the instructions of the dispatcher in this situation will be considered an improper use of the system as described above, and may result in sanctions and/or deletion of your ELERTS account.

10. The ELERTS application is only open to active students and employees of Kean University.  

Any member of the community who has questions about this app may contact our Department by e-mail at for assistance.


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