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Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Major FAQs

The Fall 2013 semester will be the final entry date for the Post Baccalaureate Major (PBM) program in Accounting.  No admittance or deferments will be permitted beyond this date.  Interested students are strongly encouraged to submit an application for entry into the Master of Science (MS) in Accounting program in accordance with entrance criteria and deadlines published through the Nathan Weiss Graduate College at Kean University.

What The Kean PBM in Accounting is:

A program that will provide college graduates with sufficient Accounting and related coursework to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accounting examination.

What The Kean PBM in Accounting will Do For You: 

It will provide you with the coursework in accounting equivalent to that obtainable by majoring in Accountable at Kean as an undergraduate, as well as providing eligibility for taking the C.P.A. exam.

What the Kean Accounting PBM Will Not Do: 

It will NOT result in your being awarded a formal degree in accounting. It is a certificate program only.

Qualifications for Applicants: 

Completion of an undergraduate college degree and a grade point average of 2.75.

Program of Studies: 

The Kean College PBM program in Accounting requires a maximum of 21 courses in the following areas: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Statistics, Computer Science, and Business Law. Successful completion of2000 level courses at Community Colleges may allow candidates to waive these courses in the PBM program. Successful completion of 4000 level and below courses at 4 year colleges may allow candidates to waive these courses in the PBM program. To obtain a PBM certificate 50% of the course work must be taken at Kean University. Students with degrees in Business can typically waive up to 30 credits.

Tuition and Fee’s: 

At set by the University Board of Trustees and are at the regular undergraduate rates for undergraduate courses and at the regular graduate rates for graduate courses.

How to Apply:

Your first step is to obtain an application from the Office of Undergraduate admission. They are Located in the first floor of the Kean Building North Wing. The telephone number is 908 737 7100. You can apply on line and obtain additional information at the go to Admissions >Undergraduate Admissions.

What Happens Next?

The Office of Undergraduate admissions makes a decision concerning your admittance to the program. The application is then sent the PBM Coordinator to design a program especially for you based on an evaluation of your transcript(s). Keep thisprogram. It is a road map to follow to obtain your PBM certificate.

When You Complete Your Coursework:

You obtain a form from the Office of Undergraduate admissions and take it to the PBM Coordinator along with your Program Evaluation and the program that was designed for you. After the Program Coordinator signs take the forms to the Registrar’s Office and you are then eligible to receive your certificate. For information about the CPA examination contact the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

For Further Information: 

Contact Professor Ellen Comerford email or call 908-737-4108.

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