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Capstone Requirements

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General Education

Capstone Requirements

(3) Credits Required GE Capstone Experience 
A designated senior-level Major course that 
integrates General Education skills 

GE Capstone Requirement

A 3-credit GE Capstone experience (as determined by each major department) is required of all students.  In the Capstone, students will complete a project using the skills developed through the GE Program to demonstrate mastery of their major content.

The Capstone will:

  1. require and facilitate a student project, either research or service-learning oriented, that demonstrates attainment of the cognitive goals of the GE Program, the mastery of the skills developed throughout the GE Program, and the knowledge and skills acquired through study of a major;
  2. offer opportunities for students to integrate GE experience with the Major; and
  3. offer opportunities for students to work with students from disciplinary and cultural perspectives other than their own and to investigate areas of knowledge that may be unfamiliar to them.

Successful completion of the project in the Capstone course will demonstrate that students are active learners who have accumulated knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, have reached an advanced level of skill proficiencies, can collaborate effectively, and can apply knowledge to the achievement of tasks and the solution of problems.

Collecting Data in Capstone PowerPoint

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