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CLS Jobs

The Center is committed to the personal development and growth of our student staff. One of primary goals, aside from providing the highest quality of programs and services to our campus community, is to train and develop a first-rate student staff that is prepared to make a positive impact in their careers and communities.

Student Staff Positions

Customer Service / Office Management

The Customer Service / Office Management team provides general assistance to the running of the Center for Leadership and Service office and provides general assistannce to students and visitors that may walk-in to the Center for Leadership and Service, email us or call us on the phone. The Customer Service / Office Management team will assist in ordering supplies, tracking inventory and maintaining the appearance of the office and bulletin boards. They also assist in managing the Campus Posting Policy and running department-wide staff meetings, trainings and programs. The Customer Service team is also asked to represent the Center for Leadership and Service at Admissions Open Houses and University-wide informational events. 

Positions within the Customer Service / Office Management team include:

  • Senior Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer Service Specialist

The Customer Service / Office Management team requires a flexibile schedule to work at occasional events outside of their normal office work schedule (ex: Open Houses, Student For A Day, Kean Day, etc...)

Co-Curricular Transcript Program

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record of a student’s involvement in educational experiences taking place outside of the classroom. The CCT program is designed to encourage significant student involvement in the learning process by documenting academic experiences that take place outside the classroom. The Co-Curricular Transcript Program team is responsible to assisting in the marketing of the CCT program to students, facilitating workshops about the CCT, processing CCT entry submissions through Cougar Link, meeting with students to plan out their CCT and processing official CCT documents.

Positions within the Co-Curricular Transcript Team include:

  • Senior Co-Curricular Transcript Specialist
  • Co-Curricular Transcript Specialist

Please click here to learn more about the CCT program.

Community and Volunteer Service

The Community and Volunteer Service team within the Center for Leadership and Service organizes and manages both on- and off-campus community service projects for the Kean University student community. In addition to planning and organizing service projects, the Community and Volunteer Service team assists with the recruitment of Kean student volunteers, processing student group fundraising and service project registrations, registers and manages volunteers, facilitates workshops and volunteer orientations, and assists in the chaperoning and management of service projects on-campus and in the community. The Community and Volunteer Service team also helps connect Kean students and student groups to volunteer and service opportunities.

Positions within the Community and Volunteer Service team include:

  • Senior Service Specialist
  • Service Specialist
  • Jumpstart Specialist
  • Federal Work Study (FWS) Community Volunteer*

The Community and Volunteer Service team must maintain a flexible schedule to manage service projects that occur regularly on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the fall and spring semesters.

*Federal Work Study Community Volunteers must be eligible to participate in the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program according to the guidelines through the Kean University Office of Financial Aid.

Please click here to learn more about community and volunteer service programs through the Center for Leadership and Service.

Greek Affairs

Greek Life at Kean University empowers members of the Greek-letter organization to promote and preserve the ideals of scholarship, service leadership, campus involvement, and brotherhood/sisterhood. The Greek Affairs team within the Center for Leadership and Service works directly with our Greek Senate and Greek letter organizations to assist in the administrative processes associated with Greek organization recognition, University-wide Greek recruitment programs and assist in the registration of prospective new members and the management of the new member process. The Greek Affairs team also helps plan and implement Kean Dance Marathon, Meet the Greeks, Greek Olympics, the Greek Senate Conference and facilitates Greek organization trainings and workshops.

Positions within the Greek Affairs team include:

  • Senior Greek Life Specialist
  • Greek Life Specialist
  • Involvement Specialist for Greek Organizations

Please click here to learn more about Greek life at Kean University.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a four-year certification program. The Leadership Institute offers five different leadership programs through the Center for Leadership and Service. These programs include; T2K Bronze Leadership Program, Silver Leadership Program, Gold Leadership Program, and Platinum Leadership Program. Students must complete T2K Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum in order to receive the Leadership Institute certification. In addition, the center offers L.E.A.D., a seven week leadership certification program. Staff within the Leadership Institute assist with planning, organizing and facilitating leadership development workshops and programs that allow the leadership students to demonstrate their leadership abilities. The staff within the Leadership Institute also serve as peer mentors to students within the programs. 

Positions within the Leadership Institute Team include:

  • Senior Leadership Specialist
  • Leadership Project Manager
  • Leadership Specialist
  • T2K Bronze General Education Mentor/Leadership Specialist

Please click here to learn more about the Kean Leadership Institute.

Student Involvement

The Involvement Center is a focal point for students wishing to become involved at Kean University and is staffed by a team of student leaders that are extensively trained in connecting students to involvement opportunities and providing student group consultation and mentoring services. Staff within the Involvement Center serve as student group consultants to assist the group executive board members with their administrative processes, assist in planning, developing and facilitating student group leader training workshops, plan and implement programs to help connect interested students with involvement opportunities and serve as Peer Involvement Advisors by mentoring students wishing to get involvement in campus life and providing them with the resources they need to have a meaningful campus life experience. In addition, the Involvement Center staff also assists in the operation of the Involvement Center and provides resources to student group leaders.

Positions within the Involvement Center / Student Involvement team include:

  • Senior Involvement Specialist - Operations and Staff Development
  • Senior Involvement Specialist - Involvement Programming and Outreach
  • Senior Involvement Specialist - Peer Involvement Advising
  • Involvement Specialist

The Involvement Center team must maintain a flexible schedule that includes maintaining a regular work schedule with at least 4 office hours after 6 p.m. per week throughout the fall and spring semesters. The Involvement Center is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays during the fall and spring semesters.

Please click here to learn more about the Involvement Center.

The Cougar's Byte: Writing, Editing, Graphic Design, Video and/or Social Media

The Cougar’s Byte is a Leadership and Service newsletter where students, faculty and staff will find information on all things related to student life at Kean University.

The Cougar’s Byte covers campus events and issues of interest and significance to the Kean community. Students assist with making all decisions related to its publication, including making assignments, reporting, writing, taking photographs, copyediting, designing pages and distributing the paper throughout the campus community.

Positions within The Cougar's Byte team include:

  • Writing/Editing:
    • Staff Writer
    • Editor
    • Senior Editor
  • Graphic Design and Marketing:
    • Graphic Design Specialist
    • Creative Marketing Specialist
    • Graphic Design and Marketing Manager
  • Creative Media / Video:
    • Creative Media Specialist
    • Creative Media Manager

The Cougar's Byte team must maintain a flexible schedule to conduct interviews, cover events, take photos at events, and record events that may occur in the evening and on weekends.

Please click here to learn more about working for The Cougar's Byte.

Student Employment Opportunities

The Center for Leadership and Service has a staff of highly trained student workers in the areas of community and volunteer services, leadership development programming, writing, graphic design, student group development, and general reception. To join our student staff team, please complete the online application in Cougar Link ( by using the application link below:


To access the Cougar Link form, you must log in using your KeanGOOGLE username (without the "") and password.


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