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Cougar Link Organization Leader User Guides

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Student Group User Guides

Several user guides have been created to assist student group leaders in managing their organization pages. Please review the list of user guides below.

Leader Overview: Getting Started with Your Organization

Leader Overview: Utilizing News, Rosters, Galleries and Documents for Your Organization

Leader Overview: Creating and Managing Events

Leader Overview: Managing Your Organization's Community Service Hours

For Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance using Cougar Link, please email for Cougar Link Support.

Additionally, students and student group leaders may contact the following offices:

Involvement Center
Miron Student Center, room 303
P: 908-737-5270

Center for Leadership and Service
Miron Student Center, room 219
P: 908-737-5170

Kean Ocean Campus Life
Gateway Building, room 213 and 215
P: 732.255.0400 x7405

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