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Balloon Service and Helium Tank Policy for Student Groups

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Balloon Service and Helium Tank Policy for Student Groups

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The Involvement Center will offer balloon service, which includes helium from a tank, latex helium balloons, and related supplies for the benefit of all recognized student groups’ events to enhance the quality of student group programming.  Student groups must be in good standing with the University to be eligible to utilize this service. 

  1. All students groups are provided a total of 45 helium-filled balloons for each academic year.
  2. Balloon service is only available for events fully approved on Cougar Link.
  3. For balloon arches and towers (with loaned supplies), student groups must submit a balloon application at least 72 business hours prior to the event they are requesting balloons for, and it must be approved by the Involvement Center staff.  The application is available on Cougar Link.  Groups are responsible for building the arch and/or tower, and returning the loaned supplies to the Involvement Center within 24 hours after the event concludes.
  4. The Involvement Center staff will inflate all helium-filled balloon requests.
  5. If a student group utilizes all of their allotted helium-filled balloons they may supply their own balloons or request additional balloons by completing the balloon application on Cougar Link at least 72 business hours prior to the event.  It will be at the discretion of the Involvement Center’s Professional Staff to grant the request.
  6. Student groups may provide their own helium balloons to inflate.  This will not count towards their allotted balloon total.
  7. Balloon orders will not be delivered.  All helium-filled orders must be picked up from the Involvement Center during normal hours of operation.  When exiting the Miron Student Center, student groups are responsible for properly securing the balloons.  They must use the stairway and exit that directly leads to the side patio, rather than through the Miron Student Center Atrium exit.
  8. Helium-filled balloons must be tied to a weight or anchored to a fixed object (a table).
  9. Balloon weights can be loaned to student groups for events, however, must be returned to the Involvement Center within 24 hours after the event concludes.
  10. Unless a time is specifically requested, helium-filled balloon orders can be picked up one hour before the events starting time during normal hours of operation. 
  11. It is the group’s responsibility to ensure adequate supply is available for specific/large balloon request, or make the request to the Involvement Center staff in reasonable time prior to the event.
  12. Student groups are responsible for cleaning-up and disposing of all supplies related to the balloon services provided at the conclusion of the event, by releasing the helium from all of the balloons, and placing the debris in trash containers.
  13. Balloons cannot block or interfere with safety equipment or points of egress.
  14. Helium-filled balloons are not permitted rooms and lobbies with ceilings higher than 12 feet. Including, but not limited to: STEM Building, Center for Academic Success Lobby, Miron Student Center Atrium, Harwood Arena, Wilkins Theater, Little Theater, etc.
  15. Helium-filled balloons are not permitted at any bake sale locations. 
  16. Helium-filled balloon are permitted in the Downs Hall Conference Center rooms.
  17. Helium-filled balloons are permitted in rooms and conference rooms with ceilings no higher than 12 feet high.
  18. Improper usage of helium, such as inhaling helium from the filling equipment or from a balloon is not permitted.
  19. The use of metallic ribbon on balloons is not permitted.
  20. Releasing helium balloons outdoors is not permitted.
  21. Groups are not permitted to operate the helium tank, unless permission has been granted by a professional staff member of the Involvement Center.


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