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Student Group Advisor’s Role and Responsibility

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Student Group Advisor’s Role and Responsibility

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The advisor is an institutional representative who assists student groups in areas of organizational development and program support.  The advisor assists the group in delineating and achieving its goals within the context of University’s mission, policies, and procedures.  The advisor is not the group’s leader, but may give advice, make suggestions or provide any information applicable to the organization’s interest. The advisor may serve as a trip advisor. Decisions should be made by members themselves.  Therefore, in reality, the advisor’s role is that of a consultant.

I. Eligibility and Structure

  • Any full-time Kean University employee (faculty or staff) is eligible to serve as an advisor to a recognized club or organization.
  • Each club/organization is responsible for securing an advisor annually.  Appointments are considered valid when the Center for Leadership and Service receives Cougar Link confirmation from the student group and the advisor, as part of the annual student group recognition progress.
  • Prior to appointment, advisors should become familiar with the organization’s Student Group Structure and Purpose.
  • Clubs/organizations usually require one advisor but may have more than one if the club is large or if the group’s mission is very diversified and warrants the time and talents of two or more advisors.
  • If the advisor(s) has questions or needs advice or assistance, the Center for Leadership and Service, located in Miron Student Center room 219 (908-737-5170) of the Involvement Center, located in Miron Student Center room 303 (908-737-5270), are the primary resources for the support.
  • Since an organization’s success is directly proportional to the quality of leadership, interest, and support of its members, the responsibility the organization assumes regarding any endeavor lies with the membership, not the advisor.

II. Responsibilities

  • The advisor should help ensure that his/her club or organization maintains adequate records of club/organization’s business activities on Cougar Link.
  • Advisors should be familiar with University policies regarding the use of facilities and room reservations.  In the case of funded organizations, an advisor should be familiar with Student Government guidelines concerning budgeting and spending, as well as, procedures for scheduling events.
  • The advisor may participate in all the club’s activities and social events. If an advisor has approved the reservation form for an activity other than a meeting, he/she must be present for at least the first two hours of the event or find another faculty/staff member as a replacement.
  • Advisors should be invited to log on to Cougar Link as well as all regular meetings. They should make every effort keep up to date with the group and attend group meetings.  When the advisor is unable to attend, he/she should be informed of all business conducted as well as receive a copy of the minutes.
  • The members should be able to speak with an advisor as often as necessary to discuss program, problems, complaints, etc.
  • The advisor should assist in keeping the club/organization informed of institutional issues and concerns as they relate to the club/organization activities.
  • University parties must have an advisor present or an alternate who is an employee of Kean University.  Advisors/Employees who sign party request forms must be in attendance for the first two hours, the initial set up, and monitoring of the event.
  • Any organization sponsored event requiring off-campus travel (i.e. conferences, retreats, formal social events etc.) will require an advisor or other University employee in attendance who will serve as the trip advisor. Advisors are responsible for following the extracurricular travel policy for student groups.

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