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Student Group Recognition Policy

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Center for Leadership and Service

Student Group Recognition Policy

The Center for Leadership and Service coordinates the process of student group recognition on all Kean University campuses. These student groups include honor societies, funded and non-funded groups, fraternities, sororities and student governments.

For policies relating specifically to chartering or recognition of a Greek letter organization, please review the Greek Senate Constitution and Bylaws by clicking here.

Groups seeking recognition status at Kean University have certain responsibilities:

  1. It is the responsibility of the organization's President and/or Secretary to complete the Student Group Recognition Process for recognized student groups and Honor Societies on Cougar Link each semester. The Student Group Recognition Process must be successfully completed on Cougar Link by:
    • Fall Registration Date: the third Tuesday in April.
    • Fall LATE Registration Date: the first Tuesday in October (for new student groups who missed the fall deadline).
    • Spring Registration Date: the first Tuesday in December.
    • Spring LATE Registration Date: the first Tuesday in February (for new student groups who missed the spring deadline).

    Honor Society Recognition Forms will be accepted throughout the year. However, early submission of these forms is encouraged. Any exceptions must be approved by the Director of the Center for Leadership and Service.

    Submission of all forms on Cougar Link in a timely manner ensures your group’s name will be listed in University publications, entitles the group to on campus scheduling privileges and helps individual members receive credit on Co-Curricular Transcripts (CCT).

  2. New student groups and organizations must upload a Constitution which outlines the student group's structure and purpose as a component of the Student Group Recognition Process on Cougar Link. The official name of the group will be determined by the name defined in the Constitution. All groups must function in accordance with their Constitution.
  3. A group must consist of ten (10) registered students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing within the University. Active membership is limited to faculty, staff and officially registered students. This policy does not apply to Greek-letter organizations.
  4. A group and its members must comply with all University policies and regulations; with federal, state and local laws; and with regulations of the parent organization as applicable.
  5. A group and its members must accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization.
  6. A group must have a full-time Kean University faculty/staff advisor who is appointed for a one-year term and approved by the Center for Leadership and Service. Each of the two established student governments must employ at least one full-time Kean University professional staff member. Faculty advisors are selected by each student organization to support the organization and serve in a volunteer capacity.
  7. An executive board member of a group must notify the Center for Leadership and Service immediately in writing of any changes in group name, names of members, advisor and/or change in the Constitution.
  8. Organizations seeking financial support must follow the guidelines established by the funding organization.
  9. All members of student groups must adhere to student group policies and regulations. Failure to do so may subject the group or organization to a maximum sanction of termination of recognition from the University.
  10. Recognition will be denied to any organization which selects its members on the basis of ancestry, race, marital status, color, sex, religion, gender, age, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, disability or liability for service in the armed forces.
  11. All student group executive officers must fulfill a mandatory training requirement by attending and participating in the Student Group Leadership Conference, or equivalent.

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