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Center for Cybersecurity

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Kean University has developed a Center for Cybersecurity. The Center for Cybersecurity will be a leader in providing industry professionals, government agencies, academics, and students necessary skills to develop proper awareness, preparedness, and resiliency when they encounter cybersecurity related issues.

President of Kean University, Dr. Dawood Farahi

The Center for Cybersecurity has worked with Appliedinfo Partners to create training exercises that can increase behavioral awareness. Through the four-step process—Analyze, Educate, Train, and Communicate— the training addresses gaps that place organizations at risk in relation with cybersecurity. Training can be semi-customized to reflect your internal cybersecurity policies, standards, and procedures, and is targeted by function.

Center for Cybersecurity at Kean University

The Center for Cybersecurity will focus on the following critical areas:
• Implementation of an educational curriculum for degree and certification purposes
• Legal and industry related policy analysis
• Internal/external eLearning content development whose objective is risk analysis for cyber-attacks

The Center for Cybersecurity serves a diverse client base:
• Municipal Government:
   • Police & Fire Departments
   • Public works
   • Boards of Education
• Small to medium Businesses

The Center for Cybersecurity at Kean University can serve as a valuable and cost effective resource in assisting you to take the necessary steps in protecting your cyber infrastructure.


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