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English Immersion Six-Week Summer Language Intensive

Program Structure

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Summer 2016 Program Options

The Summer 2016 English Immersion Summer Language Intensive is designed to ensure rigorous practice in both oral and written communication.

The Summer 2016 options are as follows:

Options Dates Description Cost
1 July 3 - August 16 Participants take one course focusing on Language, Communication, and Culture in the United States.

(Prior to April 1, 2016)

(Prior to April 30, 2016)

2 July 3 - August 16 Participants take the same course as Option 1 and are eligible to choose one additional course from the list below. $7,200.00

Prices listed above do not include Added Value Cultural Activities.

Option 1

Option 1 is the base option for the Summer Immersion program at Kean University. Participation in Option 1 allows you the freedom to focus purely on your English Language studies. This course may be taken for a letter grade or for a P/U (Pass/Unsatisfactory) option. This option is recommended for anyone at any level of English Language skill. Explore the role language, culture, and communication plays within a variety of contexts in the United States through a series of multimodal oral and written activities.

Option 2

In addition to participating in the same course as the students in Option 1, Option 2 students are eligible to take one of six courses selected to help enhance the student’s overall academic  progress. Participants interested in option 2 must have completed and successfully passed their first year English composition courses with a B+ or higher. Courses in option 2 can only be taken for a letter grade. Students must have a GPA above a 3.25 to be considered for Option 2. Courses below are subject to overall university Summer Session II enrollment. Please email if you have any additional questions. Students looking to do Option 2 will be required to submit a copy of an English language academic writing sample to help determine eligibility.

    Additional Course Topics Include:

  • Business and Professional Communication
  • Communication as Critical Communication
  • World Literature
  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Principles of Economics I

Academic Support

In addition to faculty office hours, Kean USA faculty, academic support staff and tutors will be available to provide one-on-one and group  assistance outside the classroom. All participants in the program are expected to hours with the tutors. Between classes and during the evening, students will have access to computer labs, reading groups, and discussion groups.

Outside the Classroom

All participants in the program will attend selected excursions, participate in conversations groups, and be able to have support from both the Kean USA faculty and students.

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