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Kean OCC Students

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Request for Course Work at OCC:

Students MUST complete and submit the Request for Course Work form to the financial aid office. Without this form, we cannot begin the process of awarding aid for the classes taken through OCC. If we do not have this form by the drop/add date, you will only be awarded aid for the classes you are registered for through Kean University.

Authorization to Pay: Form 

Students are responsible for tuition payments. If you are expecting Kean to forward funds to OCC from financial aid, you must first check your award to be certain there are funds to cover both Kean and OCC and then complete the Authorization to Pay form. Unless this is done, no aid will be awarded and you will receive a bill from OCC. Students are responsible for monitoring their account at both OCC and Kean. It is the student’s responsibility to resolve any financial obligations in a timely manner in accordance with payment deadlines established by Kean University and Ocean County College. Please click here for this form. 

Consortium Guidelines and Requirements:

Once you have submitted the Request for Course Work form, Kean will produce a Consortium Agreement. The agreement will then be sent to OCC so that they can complete the cost of attendance and the number of credits you are registered for. We will then add those credits to the total you are taking and award you accordingly.

Quick Term:

Financial Aid will only award Pell if you have registered for the Quick Term on or before Kean's drop/add period.  THE QUICK TERM MUST FALL WITHIN KEAN UNIVERSITY'S REGULARLY SCHEDULED TERM DATES TO BE PELL-ELIGIBLE.  If the Quick Term begins before our regular start date, you are not eligible to receive Pell for that course; if the Quick Term ends after our regular end date, you are not eligible to receive Pell for that course.  If you have any questions regarding Quick Term eligibility, please check with the Office of Financial Aid.

Unemployment Tuition Waiver

If you are a Kean OCC student taking ONLY OCC classes, you are not eligible for the unemployment tuition waiver. The tuition waiver only applies if you are taking Kean courses.


If you are not a full-time Kean student you are not eligible for the state grant. Consortium students must be taking all of their courses through Kean to be eligible for TAG.

NOTE: You are responsible for tracking whether we have received the required documents.  Please check KeanWISE periodically to see if we have all required documents. 

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