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Adjunct Positions - Spring 2016

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Kean University is a world-class, vibrant and diverse institution offering more than 48 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs. Kean distinguishes itself through excellence in academics, strategic investments in both research and cultural facilities and initiatives and a commitment to the success of every student. Dedicated to preparing students for rewarding careers, lifelong learning and fulfilling lives, Kean offers a broad range of disciplines, the expertise of a diverse and world-savvy faculty and a student-centered learning environment and campus community.  Positions are available at the Union campus and at Kean Ocean in Toms River, NJ where indicated. Classes begin Tuesday, January 19, 2016.

College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

School of Natural Sciences
Biological Sciences – to teach Biochemistry; Genetics; Microbiology; Botany; and Zoology at the Union campus.  Contact: Dr. Brian Teasdale, Acting Associate Dean, at

Biological Sciences  – to teach a range of biology courses including Botany; Zoology; Genetics; Microbiology; and Seminar in Integrative Biology at the Ocean campus. Contact: Dr. Nancy LaFleur, Kean-Ocean Coordinator, at

Chemistry – to teach General Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; and Physical Chemistry. Doctorate degree preferred. Contact: Dr. Matthew Mongelli, Coordinator, at

Physics – to teach General Physics. Doctorate degree preferred. Contact: Dr. Jing Gao, Coordinator, at

School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences
Sustainability Sciences – to teach Introduction to Oceanography: A survey of modern oceanography which includes the biological, geological, chemical and physical characteristics of the ocean and methods and applications of sciences to the study of the oceans. Contact: Dr. Feng Qi, Executive Director, at

Department of Computer Science
Computer Science –  to teach both undergraduate and graduate computer science and information technology courses including computer literacy (Microsoft Office); Java; computer information systems; assembly language; web programming and other related topics. Contact: Dr. Patricia Morreale, Department Chair, at

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of History
History – to teach Worlds of History; a seminar-style course which introduces students to the history of world civilizations and historical thinking. Contact: Dr. Jonathan Mercantini, Department Chair, at

School of Social Sciences
Sociology – to teach Introduction to Sociology and Sociological Theory at the Union and Ocean campuses. Doctorate degree and at least two years of experience in higher education teaching preferred. Please include student evaluations with application materials. Contact: Dr. Julia Nevarez, Coordinator, at

Economics – to teach microeconomics, macroeconomics and intermediate level courses. Contact: Dr. Marcel Fulop, Coordinator, at

School of General Studies
General Education Mathematics – to teach a range of General Education mathematics courses including Basic Algebra; Foundations of Mathematics; Statistics; and Problem Solving. Contact: Ms. Bridget White, School of General Studies, at

Research and Technology – to teach a required General Education course focusing on information literacy skills, research and writing. Contact: Dr. Karin Beck, Executive Director, at

School of English Studies
English as a Second Language – to teach various levels of ESL at the Union campus. Applicants must possess a Master’s degree in TESOL or a related field and have experience teaching academic ESL at the post-secondary level. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong background in Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard or Canvas. Contact: Ms. Rebeccah Newman, Search Committee Chairperson, at

College of Education

School of Communication Disorders and Deafness
Speech-Language – to teach various undergraduate courses (face-to-face or online) in speech-language pathology. Undergraduate courses teaching American Sign Language may also be available for instruction. Contact: Dr. Martin Shulman, Executive Director, at

School of Special Education and Literacy
Special Education – to teach graduate courses on differentiated instruction in the inclusive classroom as well as problems and issues in special education research (pre-thesis) at the Union campus.

Special Education – to teach undergraduate courses in classroom management, teaching in diverse settings and methods courses to accompany field experiences at the Ocean campus.

Learning Disability Teacher Certification – to teach Diagnosis and Correction of Learning Disabilities and internships in Learning Disabilities. New Jersey Learning Disability Teacher Consultant Certification is required.

For Special Education positions contact: Dr. Joan Kastner, Executive Director, at

College of Business and Public Management

School of Accounting and Finance
Accounting – to teach Intermediate Accounting; Cost Accounting; and Federal Income Taxes at the Ocean campus.

Accounting – to teach Fraud Prevention Investigation; and Government and Fund Accounting at the Union and Ocean campuses. Preference will be given to candidates who hold a CPA and certificate in forensic accounting.    

Finance – to teach Entrepreneurial Finance; Investments; and Intro to Derivatives at the Union campus.

For Accounting and Finance positions contact: Dr. David Yamoah, Search Committee Chairperson, at

New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM)

Research and Technology (STEM section) – introduces students to the research process and is intended to improve writing and research skills that will be needed for science, math and technology education related classes as well as post graduate work. The course emphasizes the use of library resources and computer technology to design, investigate and report research activities.

Living Systems II (Lab Only) – is the second part of the Living Systems/Biology unit.  It introduces mechanisms of Darwinian evolution; taxonomy and survey of the living world; introduction to organismal biology; introduction to basic anatomy and physiology including nervous, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems; basic virology; and ecology and aspects of ecosystem. 

Chemical Systems II (Lab Only) – is the second of a two-semester sequence in General Chemistry.  The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough understanding of fundamental questions a chemist will ask when they study chemical reactions. The integrated laboratory includes advanced versions of classical experiments and an introduction to modern instrumentation. 

Probabilistic Methods II (Lab Only) – involves teaching the concept of probability with lab exercises and activities.  This includes teaching the Bernoulli process in binomial distribution; basic operations in R; binomial, Poisson and normal distribution calculations in R; Central Limit Theorem simulation in R; how to load data into R with data frames; and how to perform t-tests in R.  The adjunct must have adequate formal education in statistics and probability.  [2 lab sessions]

For NJCSTM positions contact: Dr. Keith Bostian, Dean, at

Application Information for All Positions

All positions require a Master’s degree in a related field and teaching experience unless otherwise indicated; candidates with an ABD, Ed.D., Ph.D. or other acceptable disciplinary doctorate are encouraged to apply. Please send cover letter (indicating availability for day and/or evening), resume, unofficial transcripts and contact information for three professional references to the individual at the email address above or mail to:  Kean University, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 07083.  Official transcripts for all degrees and three current letters of recommendation are required prior to the starting date of employment.       

Kean University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer




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