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Adjunct Positions - Spring 2017

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Kean University is a world-class, vibrant and diverse institution offering 50 undergraduate majors and 80 graduate programs and options leading to masters and doctoral degrees, professional diplomas and certifications. Kean distinguishes itself through excellence in academics, strategic investments in both research and cultural facilities and initiatives and a commitment to the success of every student. Dedicated to preparing students for rewarding careers, lifelong learning and fulfilling lives, Kean offers a broad range of disciplines, the expertise of a diverse and world-savvy faculty and a student-centered learning environment and campus community.  Positions are available at the Union campus and at Kean Ocean in Toms River, NJ where indicated. Classes begin Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

College of Education

School for Global Education and Innovation
Foreign Languages – to teach Hindi and Urdu Literature (language, style and genre) through an online course. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of contemporary second/foreign language (standards-based) pedagogy; second language acquisition theory; Hindu and/or Urdu language and cultural studies; technological skills needed to effectively instruct in online environments; knowledge of and ability to apply learner-centered instructional approaches; ability to develop and use consistent, timely formative and summative assessment measures to enhance learning; and ability to participate in a training module for teaching online. Contact: Dr. Michael Searson, Executive Director, at  

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of General Studies
Research and Technology – to teach intermediate courses that introduce students to the research process in their field of study, with an emphasis on the use of technology and information literacy. Background in the sciences is preferred.

Philosophy – to teach introductory philosophy courses as well as upper level courses in Philosophy of Law; Theories of Punishment; Justice and Human Rights; and Moral Issues in Medicine and Healthcare at the Union and Ocean campuses.

Contact: Dr. Karin Beck, Executive Director, at for both positions.

School of Social Sciences
Sociology – to teach Environmental/Climate Change Issues; Gender Issues; Terrorism; Technology and Social Media with a social justice approach at the Union and Ocean campuses. Doctorate degree and at least two years of higher education teaching experience is preferred. Please include pedagogical approach in cover letter and copies of student evaluations with application materials. Contact: Dr. Julia Nevarez, Coordinator, at

Economics – to teach introductory courses in economics. Doctorate degree or candidate with earned Master’s and ABD status, plus two years of higher education teaching experience preferred. Please include pedagogical approach in cover letter and copies of student evaluations with application materials. Contact: Dr. Moschos Scoullis, Coordinator, at

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Music – to teach private lessons in trombone performance. The ideal candidate will be expected to spend considerable time in the development of a strong and vibrant studio. Other teaching assignments may include conducting the brass ensemble or teaching either music fundamentals or music survey. A playing audition as well as a brief teaching lesson is required. Contact: Dr. Thomas Connors, Coordinator, at   

College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

Department of Computer Science
Computer Science – to teach undergraduate and graduate computer science and information technology courses including computer literacy (Microsoft Office); Java; computer systems; assembly language; web programming and digital media; object oriented design and analysis; and other related topics. Contact: Dr. Patricia Morreale, Department Chair, at

School of Nursing
Nursing – to teach undergraduate and graduate nursing courses. Responsibilities include undergraduate or graduate classroom and/or clinical instruction using traditional/face to face, simulation, on-line and distance education strategies; some travel to clinical sites; evaluation of student performance; and communication with program coordinator. Contact: Dr. Joan Valas, Executive Director, at

New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM)

Living Systems II (Lab Only) – to teach the second part of the Living Systems/Biology unit.  It introduces mechanisms of Darwinian evolution; taxonomy and survey of the living world; introduction to organismal biology; introduction to basic anatomy and physiology including nervous, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems; basic virology; and ecology and aspects of ecosystem. 

Probabilistic Methods II (Lab Only) – to teach the concept of probability with lab exercises and activities.  This includes teaching the Bernoulli process in binomial distribution; basic operations in R; binomial, Poisson and normal distribution calculations in R; Central Limit Theorem simulation in R; how to load data into R with data frames; and how to perform t-tests in R.  The candidate must have adequate formal education in statistics and probability. 

Mathematical & Computational Methods of Science II (Lab Only) – to teach the second part of a two semester sequence.  The dominant theme of the first part of the course was an understanding of the mathematical language and application of the concept of change.  Students explored how the derivative of a function was useful for describing physical and biological systems where forces were known, but the underlying solutions may not have been.  Students will learn the mathematical language and application of how these changes add up. This course covers both discrete accumulation (summation and series) and continuous accumulation (integration).  Specific concepts covered by the course include: integral notation, indefinite and definite integrals, series and numerical integration, infinite and Taylor series, function approximation, higher order numerical techniques and integration of ODEs.   

Physical Systems II (Lab Only) – to teach the second part of a two semester sequence in physics.  The course has a computational emphasis, with a focus on calculus-based treatment of fluids, thermodynamics, and optics. The integrated laboratory will include advanced versions of classical experiments, use of modern instrumentation, mathematical models and simulations.  Topics covered in the lab sessions include: buoyant force, computational fluids, mass-spring, pendulum, damped oscillator, standing waves on string and in air, Fourier analysis of sound waves, linear expansion, calorimetry, pistons, engines and Maxwell’s Demon.  The candidate must have experience using MATLAB and Easy Java Simulations.

Contact: Ms. Marianne Gass, Assistant to the Dean, at for all NJCSTM positions.

Nathan Weiss Graduate College

School of Communication Disorder and Deafness
Speech-Language – to teach undergraduate courses in speech-language pathology; some of which may have been developed for online delivery. Contact: Dr. Martin Shulman, Executive Director, at

Application Information for All Positions

All positions require a Master’s degree in a related field and teaching experience unless otherwise indicated; candidates with an ABD, Ed.D., Ph.D. or other acceptable disciplinary doctorate are encouraged to apply. Please send cover letter (indicating availability for day and/or evening), resume, unofficial transcripts, and contact information for three professional references to the individual at the email address above or mail to:  Kean University, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 07083. Official transcripts for all degrees and three current letters of recommendation are required prior to the starting date of employment.    

Kean University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer 

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