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Moving In

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Faculty Housing

Moving In

Finalizing and Executing the Lease

Before finalizing a move-in date, residents must execute the lease agreement and submit a security deposit and their first month’s rent to the Property Manager. Residents will be provided with their rental unit keys at the time of lease signing. Residents will not be able to move in before the start date on the lease agreement. Residents will arrange for the move at their own expense and risk.             

Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent

Upon signing the lease and before moving into their rental units, residents must submit a security deposit equal to one month’s rent and the payment for the first month’s rent through check made payable to Kean University. The rent for the remaining months of the resident’s lease agreement shall be deducted from resident’s salaries on a monthly basis. Residents shall be required to sign an Authorization for Automatic Payroll Deduction of Rent form.  The security deposit will be deposited in an interest-bearing account. Federal regulations governing such accounts require residents to submit to a Form W-9 (U.S. residents and non-residents with a social security number) or a Form W-8 (non-residents of the U.S without a social security number) to Kean University.

Renter’s Insurance

All Kean University East Campus Housing residents are required to carry renter’s insurance. The minimum acceptable level of coverage is $25,000.00. Kean University does not require the residents to buy coverage from any specific vendor. Proof of such insurance must be provided to the Property Manager prior to moving into a rental unit.

Parking and Registering Residents Vehicles

All East Campus Faculty Housing residents require parking permits for their vehicles. Residents will be provided up to two (2) permits. To obtain parking permits along with other services such as registration of vehicles, regulations, enforcement policies, and fees, fines and appeals, residents should contact the Campus Police at  908-737-4800.

New Jersey Truth in Renting

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has produced a reference guide for the Truth-in-Renting Act:

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