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Moving Out

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Faculty Housing

Moving Out

Residents must notify the Property Manager at least 30 days in advance of their plan to vacate the rental unit. An inspection of the unit will be conducted before and after the residents vacate the unit to inspect for any damages beyond regular wear and tear. When moving out, residents must ensure that:

  • The unit is broom-swept clean;
  • All items are removed from storage areas and closets;
  • All personal belongings are removed from the unit;
  • The U.S. Postal Service is contacted to forward all mail;
  • Keys including the mailbox key are returned to the Property Manager;
  • The unit is locked upon leaving.

Preparing the rental unit for inspection

Inspection before vacating

Within ten days of receiving a resident’s notice to vacate, Kean University Facilities at 908-737-5000 will conduct an inspection to assess and plan for maintenance in the rental unit. Residents will be contacted prior to this inspection, however, they are not required to be present for this inspection. When the inspection has been completed, the inspector will leave an entry notice. If residents require an appointment for this inspection, please contact Kean University Facilities.

Post-vacate Inspection

After residents vacate the units, a representative of Kean University will inspect the unit for cleanliness and condition.

Property Condition

The rental unit should be returned to the condition in which residents found it at the beginning of the lease. Residents will not be charged for normal wear and tear.

Charges for cleaning and repairs

Residents will be charged if basic cleanliness and condition criteria are not met. Fees will be deducted from their security deposit. The items most commonly charged for are:

  • Cleaning dirty ovens and stoves;
  • Removing abandoned items, including items left in storage areas;
  • Repairing holes in walls, ceilings and floors;
  • Reinstalling windows, removed to install air conditioners;
  • Cleaning excessively dirty bathrooms, floors and walls;
  • Lock changes are required when keys are not returned. All keys signed out during the tenancy must be returned when the resident vacates.

Returning keys

Please return all keys to the Property Manager on or before the unit is vacated. Failure to return all keys signed out during the tenancy will result in charging the resident for a lock change which will be deducted from their security deposit. Standard lock changes are mandatory when:

  • A key is lost;
  • A loaner key has not been returned to the Property Manager;
  • A key is not returned when the resident vacates the unit;
  • A lock is not working properly and cannot be repaired.

The fee for lock change will be based on the number of locks the key was used for.

Final Payments and Security Deposit

Residents are responsible for their rent payments along with any other charges.  Residents must ensure that all payments have been settled at the end of their lease agreement term. If residents are owed a security deposit, it will be returned in four weeks after the date the rental units are vacated. 

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