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The Office of Campus Life at Kean Ocean under the Division of Student Affairs maintains administrative responsibility for the approval of posting (on and off-campus events) on designated campus bulletin boards, weekly exterior posting boards, Cougar Link, social media communities (ex: FacebookTwitter, etc...) and the electronic plasma screen. Due to limited posting space, priority for posting is given to recognized campus groups and individuals that are part of the Kean University community. All off campus groups, non-profit organizations and commercial advertising is at the discretion of the Office Campus Life at Kean Ocean.



Posters, flyers, signs and banners serve an important purpose at Kean University. They communicate upcoming events and activities and disseminate information and opinions on important issues. Those wishing to post materials must adhere to the University’s policy against all forms of illegal harassment and discrimination.

  1. Approval of Posting Materials
    1. All printed materials to be posted on campus bulletin boards/weekly posting boards must be approved by the Office of Campus Life located in the Gateway Building Room 215. Posting of approved materials on the designated bulletin boards/weekly posting boards is the responsibility of the person or group submitting the materials for approval.
    2. Only events that have been properly scheduled and approved will be stamped for posting. In order to ensure that an event will take place and that publicity is accurate; events must be scheduled and confirmed by the Miron Student Center Operations and Event Management Office, Wilkins Theatre or any office that has authority over the facility of the scheduled event prior to the approval of any printed materials. A copy of the confirmed reservation form should be attached to all publicity. In cases where the reservation form is not attached, the Office of Campus Life may request the sponsoring group to obtain a written or verbal verification from the facility manager prior to publicity approval.
    3. Materials submitted for posting may be approved during the regular business hours of the Kean Ocean Campus Life. Printed materials may only be approved by professional staff. Every effort will be made to approve materials on an as need basis. However, individuals are encouraged to drop off the materials for approval for pick up the following day.
    4. All advertisements and announcements must be identified with the name of the person or organization responsible for the event prior to approval. Any materials not so identified will be denied. Organizations, committees, departments and individuals must currently be recognized by the Office of Campus Life and Kean University in order to publicize on campus.
    5. The Office of Campus Life will only approve the number of flyers designated for the appropriate bulletin boards/weekly posting sites in each location.
    6. If the printed material is in a language other than English, the Office of Campus Life must be provided with an English translation.
    7. Posting in Ocean County College facilities must be approved by the Office of Campus Life.
    8. Printed materials will be approved until the day after the event occurs. General information will be approved for a semester. Exceptions will be approved on a case by case basis.
    9. The Office of Campus Life will approve off-campus events for posting on the off-campus bulletin boards. Off-campus flyers will be posted by the Office of Campus Life on a space available basis. Kean University assumes no responsibility for the planning and execution of off campus programs. Recognized campus groups may not use the organization or Kean University’s name in the advertisement of off-campus events. Any exceptions must be approved by the Office of Campus Life.
    10. Information on posting materials must comply with University policies and procedures
  2. Acceptable Posting Locations & Guidelines
    1. Each organization is permitted to place one flyer/poster per bulletin board/exterior posting board per event/announcement. A list of approved bulletin boards/posting boards will be given upon request.
      • A list of posting sites for the Union Campus can be obtained by clicking here.
      • A list of posting sites for the Kean Ocean Campus can be obtained by clicking here.
    2. Due to limited bulletin board space, it is recommended that flyers not exceed 8 l/2 x 11 inches. Posters, flyers and other posting materials beyond that size will be approved on a case by case basis, if space is available.
    3. Posting on designated bulletin boards/weekly posting boards is allowed only with staples or tacks. No other types of fasteners are allowed.
    4. Approved materials may be posted for the time period approved. It is appreciated if the individual or group removes the posting materials when the date has expired.
    5. Outdoor posting is prohibited (light posts, trash receptacles, trees, poles, window sidewalks etc.). Materials for posting on the six (6) exterior boards are at the discretion of the Office of Campus Life and are limited to Kean information and activities. Materials for posting in these locations should be submitted to the Office of Campus Life and will be posted by staff. Any other exterior postings on the Kean campus must be approved by the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities.
    6. Advertisement of Kean University events off-campus and/or on the internet is prohibited unless approved by the Events Board.
    7. Writing messages, signs, ads, or placing drawings of a non-instructional nature on any classroom chalkboard or dry-erase board is prohibited and is a violation of the posting policy.
    8. Any posting of materials in public restrooms is prohibited.
    9. Advertising of student group events on the Scala Plasma Screen Network requires approval of the Office of Campus Life.  Advertisements that are submitted for the plasma screen network by designed 1360 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall. Plasma screen advertisements may be submitted to the Office of Campus Life for posting.
    10. Information for table tents in the food service areas must be approved by the Office of Campus Life and food service management must provide approval of the table tents for placement on tables in the dining areas. Table tents must be free standing.
  3. Sanctions
    1. Unauthorized removal of property that has been approved and posted is an act of vandalism and subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
    2. On- and off-campus groups will be held responsible for actual damages of improper posting which includes the cost of personnel to remove posted materials and structural and/or other damages.
    3. Any campus organization found in violation of the posting guidelines will be sanctioned as appropriate by the Campus Posting Violations Committee c/o the Center for Leadership and Service.
      • First Offence: Written warning
      • Second Offense: Loss of posting/and or scheduling privileges for a specified period of time
      • Third Offense: Imposed community service and further disciplinary action
    4. Off-campus groups or individuals that violate the posting guidelines may be subject to termination of posting privileges. Depending on the violation, notice of the improper posting by non-campus groups or individuals may also be referred to the Department of Public Safety and Police.
    5. Sanctions (except a letter of warning) may be appealed in writing as appropriate to the Campus Posting Violations Committee c/o the Center for Leadership and Service. Appeal letters must be received within ten days of the date the sanction was issued and include specific reasons for appeal.
    6. If appropriate, posting policy violations may be referred to the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct as a result of violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

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