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Material Services (Central Receiving)

Section I - Function

1:01 – Receive, check and accept merchandise.
1:02 – Distribute supplies to University departments in a timely manner.
1:03 – Record & tag all new assets for items over $1,000.

Section II - Objectives

2:01 – Merchandise is checked to verify quantity and items received, stock number, company packing slip and the University Purchase order.
2:02 – Suppliers and the University department is notified about any discrepancies either by phone or letter.
2:03 – Merchandise is distributed to the department on the next work day, where schedules allow; or no longer than five (5) working days from date of receipt of goods.
2:04 – All receipt of goods are recorded in the Colleague Distributed Financials System.
2:05 – All new equipment, furniture, and other items over $1,000 are recorded as fixed assets. Capitalized items are valued at $5,000.

Section III - General Receiving Procedure

3:01 – Verify count from the supplier packing slip.
3:02 – Count boxes, skids or other items.
3:03 – Sign delivery receipt and retain a copy for the file.

Section IV - Discrepancies

4:01 – Damaged merchandise – If damage is severe and verified before the delivery receipt is signed, delivery will be refused; if damage is minor, a notation is made on the packing slip along with the driver's initials; notify the supplier and the appropriate University department.
4:02 – Concealed merchandise – Damage discovered after merchandise is opened; if discovered within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt (carrier still has a legal liability at this point) the Warehouse Supervisor will call the supplier and freight company, make annotation on the receiving document of the date and time of call and person contacted; follow up with a concealed damage claim form to the carrier and a discrepancy form letter, with copy of concealed damage claim form, to the supplier.
4:03 – Missing merchandise - A notation is made on the packing slip if the discrepancy is discovered after the delivery/packing list is signed by the department, a letter is sent to the company with a copy to the University department.
4:04 – Unidentifiable package – After checking the packing slip, the package and the receiving file, and if the receiving department cannot be identified, the supplier is called. If the delivery still cannot be identified, the package will be returned to the supplier.
4:05 – Other discrepancies – For overages, shortages, duplications, substitutions, and other items, a letter is sent to the supplier and the appropriate University department.

Section V - Asset Inventory Item - Receiving Procedure

5:01 – All items with a unit cost of $1,000 or more and an expected life of more than one year are considered fixed assets – follow general receiving procedures.
5:02 – After the item is received, a University identification tag is affixed and package is delivered to the department. Note location of item, record location and tag number on the receiving report and then forward to the Purchasing Fixed Asset Officer.

Section VI - Delivery Procedure


6:01 – The item received will be delivered to the appropriate department on the next scheduled delivery day. No item received by Material Services should be held for more than five (5) working days. Exception: live specimens and items that require refrigeration will be delivered immediately or refrigerated; Receiving personnel should accompany truck to destination, assist in unloading (if necessary).
6:02 – Fixed Asset items (over $1,000) must be signed by an authorized person in the University department where the item has been delivered. A copy of the signed delivery ticket will be attached to the receiving report.

Section VII - Stationary, Bulk and Maintenance Items - Purpose

7:01 – Stock office supply items for distribution to University departments.
7:02 – Store bulk items for use by select University departments (example – undergraduate and graduate catalogs, admissions materials, special printed forms, and other items).
7:03 – Store and assist in inventory of maintenance supplies (example – cleaning items, plumbing items, and other items).

Section VIII - Stationary, Bulk and Maintenance Items - Objectives

8:01 – Office supplies that are used in day-to-day operations by University departments. Material Services re-orders all supplies.
8:02 – Bulk items, forms, and other items are stored for certain University departments that are responsible for reordering.
8:03 – Maintenance supplies are stored and available. The Office of Facilities and Campus Planning is responsible for reordering.

Office Supplies

All items stocked are maintained electronically, each item has a unique stock number; purchase requests are submitted to Material Services.

Distribution to University departments – A department submits a Stationary Supplies Requisition form and items are delivered to the department within five (5) working days of receipt or order. The Stationary Supplies Requisition is a three-part form that must be signed by an authorized individual; details for ordering are in the Stationery Catalog.

Charge backs to departments are made through the stationery inventory program. After the order is filled, the delivered quantity is indicated on the billing copy of form. Charge back takes place at the end of each month and a copy is submitted to the department.

Storage and Inventory Maintenance Supplies

Items are stored and stock levels are monitored by the Office of Facilities and Campus Planning.