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Building Directory

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First Floor 

ATM (Wells Fargo) MSC Atrium
Little Theater Box Office MSC 1st Floor
Food Court MSC 1st Floor
University Computer Center Lab MSC Atrium
Cougar's Den MSC 1st Floor
Director of Food Services MSC 1st Floor; 908.737.5160
Game Room  MSC 1st Floor
Greek Lounge MSC 1st Floor
Information Desk MSC Atrium; 908.737.5222
Little Theater MSC 1st Floor
Smashburger, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Outtakes MSC Atrium
Pre-Function Lobby MSC 1st Floor
Miron Student Center Operations & Event Management  MSC 6; 908.737.5200

Second Floor

Conference Room-226A MSC 2nd Floor 
Conference Room-226B MSC 2nd Floor
Conference Room- 228 MSC 2nd Floor
Center for Leadership & Service MSC 219; 908.737.5170
Cougar Byte MSC 215
Greek Life MSC 219; 908.737.5176

Third Floor

Conference Room-315A MSC 3rd Floor
Conference Room-315B MSC 3rd Floor
Conference Room-314 MSC 3rd Floor
Conference Room-312      MSC 3rd Floor
Student Group Involvement Center-303 MSC 3rd Floor
Graduate & Part-time Student Council MSC 304; 908.737.5250
The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct MSC 317; 908.737.5240
Office of Student Government MSC 309; 908.737.5190


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