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Policies Governing Commercial Sales

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Policies Governing Commercial Sales

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Kean University is an educational institution. Its fundamental mission is to provide academic and educational programs for its students. Located in a densely populated area, the University’s facilities are limited. Classroom space, parking space, recreational space, housing, office space, and other forums are frequently booked to near capacity by the members of the University Community. For these reasons, the University has prioritized the opportunity for use of its facilities to recognized University organizations and groups, University departments, or members of the University Community. For these same reasons, the University has restricted use of its facilities for commercial sales or solicitations to events that have a relationship to the University Community and the institution’s educational mission.

  1. As a general rule, representatives of off-campus groups or businesses will not be permitted to engage in commercial sales or otherwise solicit in person on-campus. The Reservations Coordinator may grant permission for solicitations and sales by off campus business concerns, consistent with the Standards for Evaluating Requests for Use of University Facilities and Grounds and only when specifically sponsored to do so by a recognized student, faculty, or other employee organization. Use of University facilities and grounds by off campus groups or businesses may be limited to specific times and locations.
  2. Kean University prohibits the advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards to students on University owned, operated, or controlled property, and at any University-sponsored events with out prior approval from the Director of Business Services.
  3. Applications must be made at least four weeks prior to the solicitation and will be reviewed in accord with the Standards for Evaluating Use of University Facilities and Grounds. Use will be subject to the Procedures Governing Use of Facilities and Grounds. These restrictions are not intended to apply to: competitively bid or other contractual arrangements, or to those individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University who are invited on campus to make business presentations, or proposals in order to obtain sponsorship, or to elicit requests for proposals, or contractual agreements with either the University administration or recognized University organizations and groups.

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