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This is a listing of commonly asked questions about the Purchasing function at Kean University. If you do not see a specific question answered, feel free to call Purchasing at 908.737.5050, or email the AVP, Procurement & Business Services at

Also, our purchasing site can be found here.


What are the Purchasing Guidelines and Procedures for Faculty/Staff regarding the procurement of goods and services at Kean University?

  The Purchasing Guidelines and Procedures is the booklet which details the University’s policies and procedures for purchasing goods and services.  You may also go on this website and download/view a copy of the Purchasing Guidelines.

How does a person order goods and services for their department?

  Issue an on-line requisition. Training on the Ellucian system is required to learn how to use the online requisition system. Contact Judy Pavese for further information at Ext. 75056.

What are requisitions used for?


  Requisitions are required for all purchases of goods and services and equipment made from external suppliers. 

What type of requisition forms are available?

  There are no requisition forms that have to be filled out.  All purchases are made online via the Ellucian System. See question #2 for training requirements.

Once a requisition is generated can it be used as a purchase order which can be sent to the supplier?

  The requisition is a request to the Purchasing Department to issue a purchase order to a vendor. It is not a Purchase Order until all the term transactions have been completed and the Purchase Order is signed by the AVP of Procurement and Business Services.

Can a department sign a contract or agreement for services for Kean University?

  No. The authority to sign contracts and agreements has been delegated to University Purchasing.  All contracts should be forwarded to University Purchasing for review.

Can I be personally liable for purchasing goods without completing the online requisition?

  Yes. The university can hold an individual personally liable for unauthorized orders. Kean University makes payment of invoices for authorized Purchase Orders only, not unauthorized orders.

A department needs to order something quickly, it is low dollar amount and not subject to any restrictions, what does the department do?


Enter the requisition using the Ellucian online system.

Call General Accounting at Ext. 73152 who will call Purchasing to obtain the authorization to process.


How do I process an order that needs pre-payment?


1. A pre-payment is issued when the payment must be mailed along with the requisition. Examples of pre-payments are memberships and subscriptions. 

2. Complete an on-line requisition and send all payment documents such as an invoice, or subscription or membership form to Purchasing to be attached to the purchase order. 

3. Once the order is created, the purchase order signed, and is accepted in the online system, the order and prepayment information will be sent to General Accounting who will then issue the check.


How do I process a rush payment?

  First call General Accounting  at Ext. 73157 for approval of the rush payment. Upon approval, General Accounting will notify University Purchasing who will then issue the Purchase Order immediately. An online requisition must also be submitted upon approval from General Accounting.

Who processes supplier invoices for payment?

  Invoices are processed by the General Accounting Department.

How do I find out if the invoice for my order has been paid?


You may view the status of payment for your order through the Ellucian online system by using the Purchase Order Number (see your Distributed Financials documentation).

You may also contact General Accounting at Ext. 73154 for the status of your invoice payment.


Can a department get their own quotation?

  Only University Purchasing may officially solicit bids on behalf of Kean University.  A department may obtain a budgetary figure for cost estimates.  A department may also suggest possible sources of supply, but the final selection of a qualified supplier will be determined by University Purchasing.

Can departments share bid information with the suppliers?

  No. All bid information must be distributed by University Purchasing.

Can departments use University funds for flowers, funerals, births and other items? How about farewell parties, Secretaries’ Day?

  No. University budgets are not authorized for these purposes which are considered personal expenses. University funds are only authorized for official university business.

How do departments dispose of computer equipment they no longer need?

  To dispose of obsolete or unneeded equipment call University Purchasing at Ext. 75050 and ask for the Fixed Asset Buyer.

A department needs to make travel arrangements, what do they do?


 A.      For Bus service contact University Purchasing at  Ext. 75050.

 B.      For other travel services contact General Accounting at Ext. 73166


A supplier has questioned a department about the University’s tax exempt status (R.S.54: 32B-9). What should I do?


By state law, Kean University is tax exempt. Forward all inquiries to General Accounting, or the Director of Business Services.


How does a new supplier become registered with the University?

  Contact University Purchasing at 908.737.5050 for a Supplier Information package or go on-line to our Purchasing site and download the supplier application form from the Vendor Area.

When a department orders furniture, why must it be shipped to the Warehouse?

  All goods are received at the Material Services warehouse. The warehouse is our central receiving building equipped to receive goods, inspect goods for damage, file damage claims, and deliver and install the product to the requesting department.

What is a Blanket Purchase Order?

  Blanket Purchase Orders enable University departments to purchase frequently ordered goods or services with a single order in place of multiple orders.  Blanket orders may be issued to suppliers after the conditions of a contract have been established by University Purchasing.

Can Blanket Orders be issued in any dollar amount?

  Only when the conditions of a contract are established either by bid, state contract, board waiver or phone quote. Call University Purchasing at Ext. 75050 for further information.

Is there a restriction on issuing blanket orders for a high dollar amount?

  Conditions of a contract are established either by bid, state contract, board waiver, or phone quote. Please contact University Purchasing at Ext. 75050 for further information.

How do I dispose of a University-owned vehicle?

  Purchasing will assist the requesting department to identify and evaluate the financial options associated with disposing of the vehicle.

The vehicle may be retired to surplus by contacting Materiel Services at 908-737-5081; additional information can be obtained from the University Regulations and Procedures Manual.

When a University-owned vehicle is a total loss due to an accident, contact Risk Management Ext. 73158



What are state contracts?


The State of New Jersey Purchase Bureau competitively bids and awards contracts for a variety of goods and services. The University has the option to utilize these contracts when advantageous.


Frequently, when large quantities are purchased with a single transaction, the competitive bid process will be used. Purchasing makes the final determination regarding using a state contract or using the bid process.


What is the bidding threshold?

  The current bidding threshold is $32,100. If a requisition is for $32,100 or more, it must go to bid, utilize a state contract or have a board waiver on file. The State of New Jersey reviews the bidding threshold every two years and makes adjustments accordingly.

What is the capitalization threshold?


Effective July 1, 2003, the capitalization threshold is $5,000.


What is the invoice certification threshold?

  The invoice certification threshold is $1,000.

What is a Request for Information (RFI)?


Information is requested by the Purchasing Department from a potential supplier regarding  their product or service. A buy or bid decision will not be made until the requested information is received.


What is a site inspection?

  A mandatory site inspection may be required depending on the nature of the bid. If a site inspection is required, it is the buyer's responsibility to supervise the inspection or conference and coordinate the time, date, and meeting place bid.



What should I do if I'm not satisfied with a supplier's performance?

  Unsatisfactory supplier performance should be put in writing and forwarded to the Director of University Purchasing as soon as it occurs.  After careful examination of the facts, the supplier may be barred from participating in future bids.

What should I do when I cannot resolve a dispute with a supplier?


Notify the Purchasing department of the problem and Purchasing will assist in resolving the dispute in order to provide a favorable solution.

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