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Online Purchasing System

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All purchases at Kean University are to be made through the online purchasing module in the Colleague Distributed Financials system.

Training is required to effectively use the Distributed Financials system. Access to the online purchasing system requires a login ID and password which will be given upon completion of training. Please call extension 76000 for information on upcoming training classes.

The following steps must be completed before a vendor can be paid:

1.   The online requisition must be completed using Colleague Distributed Financials (Datatel System).
2.   The dean or department head approves the requisition in the system.
3.   The vice president and budget officer approve requisitions for more than $500.00
4.   The requisition is sent electronically to University Purchasing upon completion and authorization.
5.   University Purchasing changes the requisition into an authorized purchase order.
6.   The purchase order is signed and mailed to the supplier.
7.   The goods are shipped to the University based on the purchase order contract item description.
8.   Acceptance of goods or services is entered into the Distributed Financials system by the ordering department to give an indication to Accounts Payable that the goods have been received; therefore, the supplier can be paid.
9.   Supplier invoices must be sent directly to General Accounting.
10.   General Accounting pays the invoice.

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