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Summer Session



Kean University offers summer academic sessions to help students advance their academic progress toward a degree. This gives students a unique opportunity to try something new, fill a core requirement or ease their fall and spring semester course loads. Kean’s Summer Sessions are a short, intense commitment with measurable rewards.

Eligible Kean students can register for summer session courses through the normal KeanWISE registration process.

Visiting students must fill out a Summer Registration Eligibility Form , and follow instructions provided to ensure the credits earned will transfer to the university in which they are enrolled.

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Note: Courses are offered at Kean's Union and Ocean campuses. For a complete listing of courses, please go to KeanWISE, under the Students Menu, and click "Search for Sections". For the Term select either "SUMMER I 2015" or "SUMMER II 2015" then select subjects from the drop down menu.

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