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Award Management

The Grants & Contracts Resource Guide and Policy Manual is an important reference for PIs/grant directors who are managing an award. Successful grant management requires teamwork. Understanding roles and responsibilities will help the PI/grant director successfully manage his/her grant.


The Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) is the individual who has final responsibility for seeing that the project is carried out as proposed. PI/PDs are accountable for their grant’s fiscal and program management, fulfillment of proposal goals, and preparation of pertinent reports.  In their capacity as grant project directors, and regardless of their academic affiliation, all PIs/PDs of grant-funded programs, must report all grant-related issues to ORSP.

The PD/PI must comply with the terms, conditions and policies of both the sponsor and the University, including oversight of the budget, personnel review, time and effort reporting, and timely submission of all reports. Grant funds must be expended as approved by the funding agency. All PD/PIs must comply with pertinent federal guidelines; documents are on file in the ORSP office.

All Principal Investigators/Project Directors are expected to uphold the highest integrity in data collection, analysis and dissemination and to avoid every act, or appearance, of plagiarism.


When the PI/PD is a faculty member, the Executive Director of the School (or the Chair of the Department) where the PI is affiliated and the Dean of the College provide guidance and support for the PI/PD. When the PI/PD is staff, the Dean of the College or VP of the division where the grant is located provides this support. Often the Director/Chair or Dean is an experienced grant administrator and can offer suggestions to a new PI/PD that will help ensure the success of the project. In any case, the PI/PD should feel there is an open door to discuss the grant with his/her supervisor and request guidance whenever needed.


ORSP serves as the central resource for all sponsored project activity. ORSP provides information, guidance and training to all PI/PDs on the procedures necessary for successful implementation of their sponsored projects.

ORSP approves all budgets, budget revisions, and cost transfers.


Grants Accounting has responsibility for processing all expenditures related to grants, preparing and submitting all financial reports, billing sponsoring agencies, drawing down funds from federal grants, processing cash receipts for sponsored projects, and closing out grant and contract accounts after the final reports have been submitted. Grants Accounting works closely with ORSP to ensure timely and accurate processing of all grants related activities.

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