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Hannah Donovan is a design and product leader based in Brooklyn. She has been building consumer-facing experiences in music, entertainment and media for over a decade and speaks about her work internationally. She currently works at Twitter.

Most recently, Hannah was leading the Drip team (now part of Kickstarter) at Expa. Before that she was the VP of Design at Ripcord (a product incubator funded by MTV). She also co-founded the song-sharing service “This Is My Jam” while working on independent projects at “The Echo Nest” (now part of Spotify) and was part of the original team in London where she led design. Hannah has also worked agency-side in Toronto for youth-focused brands.

She is a classically trained cellist who loves hip-hop, as well as a classically trained graphic designer who loves patterns. She also loves tigers, but isn't classically trained to handle them. Yet...


Tuesday, April 25

 Souls & Machines: Designing the Future of Content


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