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For Faculty

Faculty research mentors provide undergraduate students with an early exposure to research activities. Through participation at the discovery and inquiry level on a faculty-student mentored research team, research Recruits gain valuable experience and research skills that can lead to a more positive academic experience, increased retention, and paths to careers and graduate school.

Mentor Requirements: The Faculty Mentor is expected to assume the primary responsibility for insuring the student has a quality research experience by orienting the student to the particular project and providing research training.

Peer advisors who with the Research Recruits and provide general orientation, regularly scheduled training, and liaison between faculty mentors and students. Faculty Mentors are encouraged to engage Research Recruits in conversations about their current academic experience and career interest. Peer advisors can then help the Research Recruit to make the best use of other University resources.

Submitting or Renewing a Project: If you are interested in working with students, please contact the us for more information about the program and to submit your project application.

Funding: Small research grants, of up to $400 per research team, to cover the cost of materials, lab supplies, and low-cost equipment directly related to the research project and needed to support student activities, may be available. Contact the ORSP office for an application form.

Undergraduate Research Grants: Kean University is the recipient of several federal grants that support faculty-mentored undergraduate research. Click on the related link for more information.

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