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Kean Quest is Kean University's undergraduate academic journal. Kean Quest strives to be a transparent platform, showcasing scholarly and creative work, and inviting the presentation and discussion of research in higher education. Acceptance of work into Kean Quest affords students the ability to claim publication in an academic journal, while simultaneously contributing original and creative work to their respective fields.  Additionally, all submissions for the first issue will be looked at by an expert reviewer from your respective school before being formally published.

Kean Quest is also actively seeking members to join its editorial staff for Fall 2018. Register for ENG 4028 and learn the skills needed to work on an academic journal and to create the next edition of Kean Quest, from the submission process to its publication. All disciplines are welcome! 

When & How Do I Submit? Papers must be submitted through the Kean Submittable site. The deadline for the November, 2018 issue is closed

What Are The Submission Guidelines? Click on the image below for submission guidelines for each college and for interdisciplinary submissions.

How Do I Join Kean Quest? Students can register for ENG 4028 for the Fall 2018 semester. Email to learn more.

Any Questions? Please email all inquiries to

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