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Residence Hall Community

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Community Living Information

Only full time undergraduate students of Kean University are eligible to live in the residence halls. According to University policy, to be considered full time, a student must carry a minimum of twelve (12) credits per semester. During the summer, six credits are required during each summer session to be considered full time.

Common Area Responsibility

Each resident will be held accountable for any damages, thefts, or vandalism for which they are found responsible and will be charged accordingly. Residents are encouraged to notify the residence hall staff or the Office of Residential Student Services immediately to confront individuals damaging, and/or vandalizing residence hall facilities and to inform their Resident Assistant of the incident. In the event that individual(s) do not take responsibility for damages, thefts, or vandalism that occurs on a specific floor, or a common area that is used by all residents, the charges for the repairs will be divided among all residents residing in the residence hall as per the Office of Residential Student Services Community Billing Policy.

Community Centers

On the first floor of each residence hall is a community center. The community center includes the Residence Hall Director’s office as well as the Resident Assistants’ Office. When residents have questions, concerns, work requests, lock outs, etc., they may stop by the community center. For further information and/or instructions the community centers are open between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Community Kitchens

Each residence hall in the quad area is equipped with a community kitchen on the first floor. All resident students may use the community kitchens to cook snacks and meals during designated hours/days of the week. Students must swipe their id cards in order to gain access and are expected to maintain a clean kitchen at all times.

Community Programming

Community programs and activities are scheduled by the Resident Assistant to promote interaction and respect among the residents. Residents should notify their Resident Assistant if they are unable to attend. These socials are essential to the Office of Residential Student Services’s efforts to develop a community and residents are strongly encouraged to attend as valuable information is presented.

Computer Use

Currently, the residence halls are equipped with Internet access. Any problems should be reported to the Community Center staff as soon as possible. The Dougall Hall computer lab is equipped with state of the art I-Macs, PCs, and two high-speed, laser jet printers. World Wide Web research capabilities are available. This facility is open 24-hours a day, seven (7) days a week, and is supervised by the University Center.


The Office of Residential Student Services provides monthly exterminations in common areas of every building. Special requests for individual rooms with extermination concerns must be placed on a work order with the specific location of the problem and submitted to the community center.

Your Home Away From Home... Decorating Tips And What to Bring

Residents are held collectively responsible for damage in common areas of the building such as corridors, laundry rooms and elevators. You should contact your Resident Assistant about hanging pictures, bulletin boards and decorations. Using tape, stickers, nails and screws on walls, furniture and woodwork, including inside and outside doors, is not permitted.

DO . . .

  • Bring a fan.
  • Bunk beds and arrange the furniture (except for wardrobes). Residents may request a bed rail and/or ladder for bed bunks through the Community Center.
  • Bring an area rug.
  • Hang posters or wall decorations with FuntackTM.
  • Bring a phone, stereo, computer and television.
  • Bring lamps (non halogen only).

DO NOT . . .

  • Hang items on your front door or put nail or staple holes in any surface.
  • Install a window air conditioner or personal locks.
  • Cover smoke detectors or hang items from sprinklers
  • Splice the cable lines.
  • Remove or damage your window screen.
  • Block exits, vent ducts or radiators with furniture.
  • Paint or panel walls or damage surfaces or utilize contact paper.
  • Erect lofts or other structures.
  • Store bicycles, unwanted furniture or luggage in hallways, lounges or stairwells.
  • Remove furniture from lounges to place in your room.
  • Move wardrobes from walls or store items on top of them.
  • Use permanent staining or heavy duty adhesives, stickers on the walls, windows or appliances.
  • Use nails, staples, thumb tacks on walls or furniture.
  • Cover or decorate 10% of any wall in each bedroom or living area as a fire safety precaution.
  • Use incandescent floor lamp Manufacturer: Shangyu Dong Electrical Appliance Decoration Lamp Company, Zhejiang, China – This product may overheat, posing a fire and shock hazard.


  1. Health insurance: all resident students are required to purchase the health insurance program offered by the University, or show proof of equivalent personal health insurance coverage. Any resident without insurance will be ineligible for housing. Students must contact the Health Center for information regarding the University’s health insurance plan.
  2. Personal property insurance: this is optional, but recommended, for students living in any University-owned or approved housing. The annual cost fluctuates depending upon deductible levels for damages resulting from theft, fire, smoke, water, wind, storm, explosion, riot, vandalism, etc. Students can click on the following links to view companies that offer personal insurance.


Guests are permitted in the residence halls on a limited basis. It is expected that residents will consult with, and be considerate of, their roommate and apartment mate when inviting guests to their living space. Overnight guests will be limited to selected week and weekend nights unless special permission is obtained from the Residence Hall Director. Resident students abusing this policy will be referred to the Residence Hall Director and/or the Office of Residential Student Services. Residents are responsible for their guest's behavior.

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