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Frequently Asked Housing Questions

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Housing Options/Cost

What type of residence halls do you have on campus?

There are 8 residence halls on campus which house approximately 2,000 students. Whiteman Hall, Dougall Hall and the New Freshman Hall consist of suite-style rooms (two rooms with a bathroom) and Burch Hall, Rogers Hall, Sozio Hall, Bartlett Hall and the New Upperclassman Hall consists of two-bedroom apartments.

How much is room/board?

To view the housing rates, please click here to view the rates page.

Do you have single sex housing?

The New Freshman Residence Hall provides one floor where only female student can reside.

Is there graduate housing available?

Yes, there are very few on-campus graduate housing spaces. Graduate students are encouraged to apply as soon as they have been accepted to the university.

Do all first year students have to live in the first year residence halls?

Yes. First year students live in Whiteman Hall, Dougall Hall, and the Freshman Residence Hall. These communities are unique and provide an atmosphere for students with a variety of backgrounds who strive to develop a well-rounded experience at Kean University. However, it is not mandatory for freshman to live on campus.

How does the Office of Residential Student Services meet the various academic needs of the residents?

The Office of Residential Student Services designed the A.C.C.E.S.S. program (Aiming to Create a Community Empowered with Student Success) for our residential students who might need additional resources to help them succeed academically. The components that ACCESS uses to help students make academic progress are: Tutoring Services, Workshop series and a Mentoring Program for those students who fall below the required 2.0 GPA to live on campus.  In addition there is a 24-hour computer lab located in the New Upperclass Residence Hall. Students who possess personal computers have access to the Internet in their individual rooms.

Do you provide housing for students with children?

There is currently no housing at Kean University for students with children.

Room Setup/Hall Setup

What type of furniture is provided in each room/apartment?

Whiteman, Dougall & the New Freshman Halls:
These halls consist of suite style rooms, which contain beds, desks and dressers/wardrobe for each student. In addition, a microwave/refrigerator is provided for each room.

Bartlett Hall, Burch Hall, Sozio Hall, Rogers Hall & the New Upperclassman Halls:
These halls consist of two bedrooms that house two students each which containing beds, desks, and wardrobe for each student. The living room contains a three seat couch, a chair, TV stand and two side tables. The kitchen has a dinning table for four, a full size refrigerator and a microwave.

Can students bring their own furniture?

For safety reasons, residents are prohibited from bringing any outside furniture. All rooms and apartments are completely furnished. Students are encouraged to create a “home away from home” atmosphere with the use of personal items.

Are there laundry facilities?

All of the residence halls are equipped with a coin-less operated washers and dryers.

Are there study lounges?

The New Residence Halls have several study nooks on every floor. All halls also have lounges where students could use for study or social purposes.

Miscellaneous Room Questions

Do you have computer Internet access in the residence halls?

Each resident will have access to their own personal data line which will provide them with Internet access. All halls also have wireless capabilities.

Can we bring a microwave or refrigerator?

No, the University provides all apartments a full size refrigerator and a microwave. In the suite style rooms the University provides a micro/refrigerator unit per bedroom. Any additional appliances will need to submit their request in writing.

How does the heat/air cooling work?

All except for Whiteman and Dougall hall have self adjusting air conditioning and heating units. Students are encouraged to bring fans for added comfort. Small heaters and space heaters are not permitted.

Is there cable TV?

The residence halls are serviced by Campus Televideo cable system, which includes over 100 premium and local channels including five free HBOs.

Safety and Maintenance Policies

What is the guest policy?

Guests are permitted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Guests must present VALID picture.

identification for signing in guests and register with the security desk. Overnight guests are permitted, Wednesday – Saturday, with prior approval from your Residence Hall Director and roommates.

How do I report maintenance concerns if something needs repair in my room?

All maintenance concerns can be reported via the residence life website online Office of Residential Student Services - Online Work Order Request or the residence hall Community Center. Emergency maintenance staff is available at night and on weekends to help meet the needs of our students.

What is Kean University doing to make sure the buildings meet fire codes?

All of the residence halls contain several fire prevention measures including sprinkler systems, an alarm system, fire extinguishers in each apartment, and regularly scheduled fire drills throughout the academic year.

Activities/Programming/Parking/Food What activities are available during the weekend?

The Office of Residential Student Services provides activities both on campus and in the surrounding community. There are many programs presented by Kean faculty and staff as well as outside resources. This is to provide educational and social programming to meet the needs of our students.


Do I have to buy a meal plan and if so do I have to get the maximum amount?

Kean University provides a meal plan for its students. If you are a first year student, you must purchase a meal plan at the cost of $1,972. Sophomore students are require to purchase a meal plan at the cost of $1,412. Upper-class returning or transfer students may purchase at varying amounts. Students must contact the Student Accounting office to apply and for additional information.

Are students allowed to have appliances in the rooms?

No, electrical heat producing appliances, including hot plates, coffee makers and heating units are prohibited. Each apartment/suite has a microwave unit that could be use to warm and cook food.


What is a Resident Assistant and what do they do?

A Resident Assistant is an undergraduate student who provides leadership and guidance to their peers by living on the floors and interacting with the students. Resident Assistants are trained in crisis intervention and conflict mediation as well as many other skills that make them a strong resource for our residents.

What is a Desk Assistant and what does that person do?

Desk Assistants help enforce visitation policies and regulations by working closely with the Resident Assistants and by providing desk security every night in each residence hall.

How can I join the Residential Student Services staff?

The Office of Residential Student Services implements a Resident Assistant and Desk Assistant selection process during the academic year. Watch for advertisements late in the fall semester for the application process to join the Residential Student Services staff.


Where can I have my mail sent and how can I receive packages?

All mail should be addressed to:

Building Name,
Apartment/Room Number, Bedroom A or B
Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

All packages are available at the Office of Residential Student Services and may be picked up during regular business hours.

Students are discouraged from receiving money or valuables through the mail.

General Questions?

Are residents allowed to park on campus?

First year students are not allowed to park on campus. First year students in need of having a car on campus for academic or medical purposes must submit a written request with supporting documentation to the Director of the Office of Residential Student Services.

The Office of Residential Student Services provides a van shuttle during certain days of the week to shopping malls and local supermarkets. Weekend van shuttle service includes trips to nearby bus stations and train stations for students wishing to travel outside of Union.

Can I pick my own roommates and suitemates?

First year students can request a roommate choice on their contract and every effort will be made to honor the request. Current residence hall upper class students must bring all of their roommates to the room selection process to guarantee this.

Are the rooms and bathrooms cleaned before students move in?

All rooms are cleaned before check-in by an outside contractor.

When can I move in?

You will receive a letter after you have been accepted into housing stating your roommate, room assignment and the move in procedures, dates, and times.

Are residents allowed to have pets?

All pets, other than fish in a maximum 10 gallon tank, are strictly prohibited.

Can I have a car on campus?

First year students are prohibited from having a car on campus. Special consideration will be given to students extraordinary circumstances such as medical reasons. All letters requesting special consideration may be directed to the Director of the Office of Residential Student Services. Upper class students are permitted to purchase a Kean University decal and park on campus. All vehicles must be registered with the University Parking Office. Please keep in mind that there is limited parking.

Can I live in housing year round?

Residence Halls close down for the winter recess between semesters and after the end of the second summer session. Summer housing is only available to students who are enrolled in summer classes. The halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break.

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