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Room Selection Fall 2018

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Residence Hall Room Selection Fall 2018

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Pick your "Home Away from Home" for Fall 2018

Room selection is the process in which current Kean University Students, current residents and commuters, get to choose their own room for the upcoming year.

Below is our Room Selection Guidebook.  It includes all the information you need to know about securing a room for next year. 

What is Room Selection?

The process current students use to select a room for next year. 

Who can participate?

Any current Kean University Student

When is the deadline?

March 9, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Where will it take place?

Everything will be done online this year. 


Three Step Process

Step 1: Apply for housing and pay the $125 housing application fee.

The housig application is available on the Residential Portal.  You can log into KeanWIse or go directly to the portal HERE.  Students must accept the 2018-2019 Terms and Agreement and then pay their $125 housing application fee.  The fee must be paid upfront this year.  Students will not be able to defer the payment.  

Step 2: Submit your housing preferences and create a roommate group

The process for selecting roommates is new this year.  The first person to apply for housing will "Create Group" and invite the students they want to live with.  Students will need to know each other's full name and Kean University email addresss in order to invite each other into groups.  All students invited into a group must accept the invitation.  A student will not be part of a group until they accept.  If a student wants to leave a group, they click "Leave Group".

Students that do not have anyone to live with next year can "opt in" to our Find My Roommate database.   This is a database of the students that will be looking for roommates for next year. 

Lastly, students should complete their roommate and room preferences.  This information in used in the event that a room is not filled, we try to match people based on their preferences. 

Students must submit their roommate group and preferences by 4pm on March 9, 2018.  Any student that does not complete this step by the deadline, will not be able to participate in the Room Selection Process.  They will be assigned a room after everyone else selects a room.

Step 3: Selecting a Room

Students will select their room online this year.  It will be similar to the process students use to select their class schedules.  Each student will be given a priority time to select.  Priority it based off of group size, current residential status, and class standing. 

  • Group Size Priority:

Groups of 6, 5, amd 4 have first priority.  After those groups the smaller groups will have priority to select. If a student is not part of a group, they will have last priority. 

  • Current Residential Status: 

When sorting through the groups, we give priority to groups that are made up of all current residents.  A group of 4 residents will have higher priority than a group of 4 residents and commuters.

  • Class Standing Priority:

A point is assigned to each student based on class standing.  Freshmen are 4 points, sophomores are 3, Juniors are 2, Seniors are 1.  A group of four freshmen will have 16 points.  A group of four seniors will have 4 points.  The groups with the higher points will have higher priority and will select their rooms first. 



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