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Office of Student Accounting

Kean Bucks


Did you know that you can get Kean Bucks just by enrolling in weekend classes during the Fall and Spring semesters?
Earn $50 per credit for Friday classes that start after 3:30 p.m. and for Saturday or Sunday classes that start before noon.
Earn $100 per credit for Saturday or Sunday classes that start after noon.

Kean Bucks can be used at the Kean University Bookstore, Ocean County Bookstore and Union Campus food outlets, including Starbucks and the Cougars' Den.

Each course must be at least 3 credit hours or more, and located on campus.
Off-Campus, Online and Distance Learning classes are not eligible.

Classes that meet twice a week or have an associated lab class on the weekend are not eligible.
Students who have any form of Tuition Waiver(s) are not eligible to receive Kean Bucks. Some of these include:
1. Doctoral Assistantship
2. Graduate Assistantship 
3. Unemployment Waiver 
4. National Guard 
5. Senior Citizen

Students must be in attendance of the eligible course(s). Students will be held liable for Kean Bucks used for eligible course(s) that are later withdrawn.

Nursing courses that have a 5 credit load are only entitled to 3 credits of Kean Bucks.

Kean Bucks expire one (1) year after issuance.

Kean Bucks have no cash value, and cannot be used toward payment of bills, such as tuition and fees.

Student ID cards are only active when a student is registered and the term is in session. Students should plan on spending down their Kean Bucks while they are registered and before they graduate.

Student accounting holds will restrict use of the ID card, please make sure your account is in good standing to avoid any restrictions.

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