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Violations and Appeals

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Violations and Appeals

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Violation notices of the University Parking Regulations will be issued by the Kean University Police.  University and/or Municipal Police officers may additionally issue municipal summonses for violations of the state Motor Vehicle Code both on Campus and on the surrounding local streets. 

All violations of the University Parking Regulations are subject to a fine/fee (see the Violation Schedule below) and must be paid or appealed within fifteen (15) days of the issue date in order to avoid late fees.  Late fees are an additional $50 per violation notice.  Violation notices are uploaded into our database within 24 hours after being issued, and a notification will be made to the University e-mail address on file for the vehicle if it is properly registered or in the database when the upload is completed.  A follow up notification will be sent by email after fifteen (15) days pass without the violation notice being appealed or paid.


Kean University Parking violation notices can be paid and/or appealed online at the links below and/or to the right.  Payments may also be made in person at the Office of Student Accounting, located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building (please bring your violation notice and/or the e-mail notice with you to ensure proper handling).  Payments in person will not be accepted at Police Headquarters.  Violation notices which are not appealed or paid in full within fifteen (15) days are subject to an additional $50 late fee and will also result in a hold being placed on your University accounts.

Municipal summonses must be addressed in the responsible Court, or paid online at  A municipal summons cannot be appealed to the University Police or paid for at Student Accounting.  Failure to address a municipal summons properly could result in a license suspension and/or issuance of a bench warrant by the responsible Municipal Court. 

Click here to pay violations online >>

Issues with payments, account holds, and/or requests for payment plans must be addressed with the Office of Student Accounting in person or by email at

**NOTE: Persistent violators are subject to having their parking permit/privileges revoked by the Kean University Department of Public Safety/Police.  Persistent violators are also subject to municipal summonses and/or their vehicle being towed/impounded.


If a violation was issued in error, or in cases of first-time offenders, appeals may be made to the Department of Public Safety/Police within fifteen (15) days of the issue date.  All appeals must be applied for through the online system and a reason for the appeal must be stated.  Appeals are not handled in person, and all appeal decisions are final.  All correspondence will be by e-mail after the initial appeal is filed through the online system.  Appeals will not be processed after fifteen (15) days from the issue date of the violation notice.

**NOTE: Appeals are addressed on the merits, and are independently judged only on whether or not the offense listed on the violation notice was committed.  Other circumstances are not taken into consideration when appeals are considered.

Click here to appeal a violation online >>

For all other questions regarding violations and appeals, please email:




Tampering with parking equipment


Failure to Register Vehicle for decal


Parking in a Faculty/Staff Space


Parking in a Reserved Space


Parking in Unauthorized Area


Overnight Parking Violation


Parking outside marked stall lines


Parking in Visitor Parking


Parking on grass/sidewalk


Expired permit displayed


Failure to remove vehicle for special event, snow removal, or other request by the University


Booting Fee (in addition to any fees or fine already owed)



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