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Student Accounting


In order to provide students with world-class service and support, the Office of Student Accounting now requires students who expect to receive a refund to enroll in our new eRefund service. eRefunds are sent electronically, via direct deposit, to your personal bank account. The University may issue a refund when a credit balance exists on a student's account as a result of any personal payment, financial aid, scholarship, or a combination of payment types that exceed the total of all University charges and fees.

To enroll in eRefunds please log into your KeanWISE account and complete the following:

  1. From the main KeanWISE page select the "Pay my Bill" link under the Important Semester Information section to access the Student Account Suite.
  2. If you are prompted for additional login credentials please use the following:
         * Username: Your Kean Google email address (without the
         * Password: Your Kean Google email account password.
  3. Once logged into the Student Account Suite select the Refunds option from the menu at the top.
  4. Please have your personal banking account number and your bank's routing number to complete enrollment.

You should be aware of the following details affecting your refund: 

The University will only issue refunds for a credit balance resulting from an actual overpayment. In addition, we will only be able to process your refund if the credit balance is the result of actual (not estimated) funds and all checks have had 10 days to clear.

If your statement includes estimated Federal and state funds, and this results in a credit balance on your account, your refund cannot be processed until you sign the required documents in accordance with federal regulations, and the funds represented by these awards are obtained by the university from the federal or state government. 

If you are receiving financial aid from any state, local, or private agency, any resulting refund will be made only after the university receives the funds.  Please realize that the first money received by the University is the money that is applied toward your tuition and fees. Therefore, if you have taken out a loan for living expenses and these funds arrive at the University before other financial aid monies are received, the loan will be applied to your tuition expenses. Overpayments or refunds only occur after your tuition and fees have been paid.

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