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Organ Donation

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July 26, 2007, Governor Jon S. Corzine signed bill A1190 which requires the placement of organ donation information and materials at public institutions of higher education. This legislation helps to boost public awareness of the benefits of organ and tissue donation and increase participation in donation programs across the state.

How to Become an Organ and/or Tissue Donor

To become an organ and/or tissue donor you should:

  1. Make it a license to save lives. Make the donor designation on your New Jersey driver’s license or ID card. This is the most important and direct way to make your wishes known. The words “Organ Donor” will appear on the front of your license and will be included in your computer record with the Motor Vehicle Commission. For more information or to sign up to be notified when an online registry is available, visit
  2. You should tell your family about your decision so they understand your wishes. If there is no designation on your driver’s license or other legal means of donor designation, the final decision about organ and tissue donation will be made by your family. Your wishes can also be made through advance directives and living wills.
  3. Until you get to the Motor Vehicle Commission and make your donor designation, you can also sign and carry an organ donor card. Please note that while the donor card allows you to legally express your wishes, it must be accessible at the time of your passing as it is not connected to any registry.


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