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2006 Past Productions


by Michael Hollinger

June 24 through 26, 2005
When a violin virtuoso mysteriously disappears, a world-class string quartet takes a chance on a gifted but inexperienced young woman as his replacement. With only a few days to prepare a Beethoven masterpiece for a televised inauguration of a new American president, passions rise, personalities clash, and the players are forced to confront the stark ephemerality of their work.


by Susan Barsky

July 14 through July 31, 2005
The life of an aspiring actor is chronicled in hilarious detail as we follow his quest for stardom. The play provides a riveting, riotous look at theatrical ritual and examines the insanity inherent in the romanticized world of theatre.


by Rebecca Gilman

September 15 through 25, 2005
The game of romantic pursuit is taken to a terrifying level when a blind date goes horribly wrong. Theresa, a talented young writer, quickly discovers that Tony, the charming young man she is courting, is actually a psychopathic monster. Her efforts to escape his grasp take the audience on a heart-pounding ride that is as frightening as it is powerful.