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Kean Professor Pens Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience

Union, N.J. --- Dr. Brian Regal, an assistant professor in the Department of History at Kean University, has authored a new book, entitled Pseudoscience: A Critical Encyclopedia. The text, to be published by Greenwood World Publishing in October, explains what exactly makes science science, as well as which scientific assertions, beliefs and methods are scientifically sound and which are not? His authoritative, entertaining new reference gets at the heart of these questions by helping readers understand how the scientific method works, how to critically analyze all kinds of “evidence,” and how to sort through long-running myths and current pseudoscience controversies.

Ranging from the dawn of history to the present and across world cultures, Pseudoscience uses a field of endless fascination as a means of driving home the importance of solid scientific reasoning. The encyclopedia spans the full spectrum of scientific and nonscientific pursuits, from chemistry, biology, psychology and medicine, to eugenics, religion, cryptozoology, the occult and paranormal activities.

Regal is a historian of science with a specialty in human evolution and its relationship to religion, politics, culture and American national origin theories. He is interested in ideas and belief systems in the dubious realms of fringe and pseudoscience and questions whether these terms are legitimate. In his research and writing, he takes an intellectual historical approach – history of ideas – to these topics. He has written and lectured on the evolution/creation controversy, racial anthropology and eugenics at conferences in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.