About Us

About Us

The New Jersey Center for Science, Technology & Mathematics (NJCSTM) offers a vibrant teaching and research environment dedicated to preparing a new generation of innovators for careers as professional scientists, physicians and educators.

At NCJSTM we combine science and research in an innovative honors curriculum that strives to instill the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to succeed in today’s scientifically and technologically advanced world.

NJCSTM is housed in a striking, state-of-the-art 133,000 sq. ft. educational facility, with teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, a 320 seat auditorium for workshops, lectures, conferences and other major events, and a 630 person atrium for meeting exhibits, break-out and poster sessions, and social education events.

NJCSTM Mission

To serve the New Jersey region and Kean University as the leading scholars program in multi-disciplinary, applied science, mathematics, and education (STEM).









Focus on High Impact Learning Practices

  • Honors program
  • Small class sizes & cohort-centered learning
  • Strong mentoring environment
  • Peer-focused tutoring program
  • Encourage scholarship, leadership & original research
  • Provide continuing professional development throughout career

Our Integrated Curriculum

  • Prepares students to be well-rounded scientist-researchers, engineers, medical professionals & scientist-educators
  • Incorporates research-based learning experiences
  • “Cutting-edge” degree programs aligned with the skill needs and jobs of the future

. Outreach

The NJCSTM works closely with the Kean Foundation, the College of Education, school districts throughout the region, as well as state and national entities to provide leadership and deliver programs and resources in science advocacy and engagement, and for the advancement of K-12 science education.


The Academic Drug Discovery Center focuses on the discovery, characterization and development of novel small molecule therapeutics isolated from unique sources such as combinatorial compound libraries, marine microbes and tropical plants. Capabilities include target identification and validation, lead identification and optimization, phenotypic screening and preclinical candidate selection.

. C.A.V.E

NJCSTM is home to the only 3D Virtual Reality Computer Assisted Visual Enhancement (CAVE) system in the greater NY-NJ metropolitan area. Students working on CAVE projects put to use computer programming skills learned in class and adapt gaming theory and data analysis applications to scientific problems.

. ILSE Bio

NJCSTM has partnered with the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship, providing our students with unique opportunities to engage with emerging biotech companies. ILSE Bio's mission is to develop, support and train life science entrepreneurs through establishment of programs delivered by local experts interested and experienced in life-science business creation.