High Impact Learning

NJCSTM faculty and staff strive to incorporate 10 high impact learning principles that are proven to increase student retention, graduation and career success into our STEM curriculum. Dedicated faculty, modern learning methods and small class sizes create an environment focused on students, science, mathematics and advanced technology. Critical thinking, quantitative literacy, problem solving and experiential learning are embedded into our curriculum to prepare students for future employment. See where world-class STEM education takes you at NJCSTM.

Various Opportunities to Enhance Learning

First Year Seminars & Experiences

Research Methods
Transition to Kean

Learning Communities
Journal Club
Biotech Club

Writing Intensive Courses
Research & Technology
Scientific Writing & Communication

Undergraduate Research
Research First Initiative

Diversity & Global Learning
Diverse Student Population

Service & Community-based Learning
STEM Ambassador Programs
STEM Outreach
GSSRP (Summer Research Program)

ILSE Opportunities

Capstone Courses
Senior Thesis

Common Intellectual Experiences
Core Curriculum
Small Class Sizes
Cohort Learning
Tutoring Services

Collaborative Assignments & Projects
Independent Research