4-year B.S. in Biomedicine

The Biomedicine Option provides a strong foundation in the biomedical sciences via an integrated curriculum of science and mathematics, including all prerequisite coursework to prepare for the medical school admissions test and prerequisite requirements for doctoral programs in biomedicine.  Student skills in research design and methodology are refined through the development of critical analytical skill building experiences.  Applied mathematics and computational analysis are coupled with science content to study complex systems and behaviors.  Following completion of the NJCSTM freshmen/sophomore core curriculum, students continue onto advanced coursework in microbiology, anatomy & physiology, immunology, biochemistry and neurobiology and take electives in human rights, sustainability science or history of medicine.  Opportunities are for team research projects, service-learning and community outreach are available. Second language proficiency is a graduation requirement.

Minimum requirements for admission into the NJCSTM Biomedicine Option Program:

  • Combined SAT (math/critical reading) score of 1200 (550 minimum in math subsection) or rSAT score of 1270 (SAT scores achieved during or after March 2016)
  • Unweighted high school GPA minimum of 3.25
  • Science and mathematics coursework yearly in high school with either precalculus or calculus 1
    completed by senior year

When applying for the NJCSTM program in Biomedicine, use the following code on the undergraduate application (Application deadline– March 1st):

  • Science and Technology/ Biomedicine

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.