5-year combined B.S. & M.S. degree in Biology, Chemistry or Mathematics Education

The New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM) offers a five year combined bachelor’s/master’s scholarship program with two separate degree tracks:  Teacher Education & Science or Math Researcher. This is the only program in New Jersey that offers a core curriculum in the first two years that integrates science and mathematics courses linked to problem-solving, and hands-on laboratory courses to reinforce the classroom content.  At the end of the fourth year students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and Technology.  At the end of the fifth year students in the education track are awarded a Master’s degree in Instruction and Curriculum and are eligible for state teacher certification in either biology, chemistry or mathematics. Students in the research track earn a master’s degree in biotechnology or computational science and engineering at the end of their fifth year.

High school seniors who wish to be considered for this program apply to Kean University for admission as incoming freshmen into the NJCSTM academic major.  Students attending other universities and/or majors may apply as transfer applicants.

Minimum requirements for admission into the Bachelor/Master’s program:

  • Combined minimum SAT Math and Critical Reading score of 1100 or rSAT score of 1170 (SAT scores achieved during or after March 2016)
  • High school grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.0 (unweighted)
  • Demonstrated interest in science and mathematics

When applying for an NJCSTM program in Science & Math, use the following codes on the undergraduate application (Application deadline – March 1st):

  • Science and Technology/Biology Education  – Click here for course description and degree requirements
  • Science and Technology/Chemistry Education – Click here for course description and degree requirements
  • Science and Technology/Math Education – Click here for course description and degree requirements
  • Science and Technology/Molecular Biotechnology – Click here for course description and degree requirements
  • Science and Technology/Computational Science – Click here for course description and degree requirements


In each semester of their freshman and sophomore years, students take science and math courses that are integrated.  Applying mathematics to the solution of scientific problems is emphasized and students extend their learning experiences in laboratory sessions through the use of computer software to study complex systems and their behavior.  The core curriculum covers the content areas of biology, chemistry, physics, calculus and statistics.

For their Junior/Senior years, students select either the Teacher Track or Professional Track, and one of five degree specializations (Math Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education, Molecular Biology/Biotechnology, or Computational Science).

The Master’s year for Science and Technology majors focuses on gaining practical experience in which students apply their training to advanced coursework and hands-on applications.

For students in the teacher track working towards a Master of Arts in Instruction and Curriculum the 5th year will involve education course work, and students are required to successfully pass their graduate comprehensive (GRE) exam as well as their student teaching requirements.

Students in the fifth year of the professional track pursue advanced coursework and are challenged to apply science and mathematics content to current laboratory technique and research projects.